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These programs can be completed with a fully-online approach, or students could choose to spend part of their time studying on campus with a hybrid program. Full-time faculty teaching online classes have many years of field-specific training. Financial aid and scholarships are available to online Aggies as well. Studying online allows you to matriculate at top-notch colleges with diverse majors across the United States. But education goes well beyond the degree, and CSU’s online school offers plenty of supplemental courses to help students get the education they want and need. Stevens Institute of Technology The best online schools don't just teach students and give them a degree – they also see the students through school and help them along the way. The school also ensures that it feeds students' minds as it feeds their soul by offering a variety of academic programs in the areas of sciences, humanities and fine arts, professional studies, and social sciences. Each online degree program is designed to help students improve or change their current professional position. Other students interested in online learning may wish to consider a hybrid learning format, where they will split their academics between online and in-person learning. in Criminal Justice, Healthcare MBA, and M.S. The university offers a variety of free and paid MOOCs to students as well. Just like many of Harvard’s traditional courses, many online classes are transferable to other colleges and universities, giving students the chance to complete their education at whichever location they are most comfortable with. Excellent options include the B.S. Nova Southeastern University offers their online courses as part of the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus program, meaning that each course offered online is fully accredited. Each master’s degree is taught by experienced faculty that understands what students need to know to succeed after college. Students attending Canisius College have the choice to complete their master's degree or graduate certificate through a wide variety of online courses. Oregon State University has done an excellent job of creating one of the best online colleges in the nation.

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. Hybrid students can make use of the flexibility afforded through online learning while also participating in many of the extracurricular activities available on the Southwestern College campus. That's why LeTourneau University gives students the chance to complete their coursework from the comfort of their home with one of their numerous online degree programs. Nearly half of APU’s students are military members using G.I. Some degrees can be completed in either entirely an online format or in a hybrid formats, giving students the unique opportunity to design their academic schedule to fit into their everyday lives. Also like traditional classes, online classes offer the same opportunities to be transferred, if a student decides that he or she would like to finish their education at a different institution. Taux de credit in fine. Stevens Institute of Technology has spent a lot of time on their online program, making sure that it’s one of the best online colleges in New Jersey. Each degree is created with a busy student in mind, whether working adults or people that have family obligations. One of the best online schools for students that want to become teachers, National University offers various degree programs at the bachelor’s and master’s level. Credit agricole du maine et loir. Fitting school into a busy schedule is rarely a simple process; that’s why offers several of their programs in a format that can be completed from a distance. Case Western Reserve University At Case Western Reserve University, students who want to become leaders in their field don't necessarily have to enroll in the school's degree programs to do it. Online students may choose to complete one of these programs without ever having to actually be present on the Southwestern College campus. Students also have access to instructors and often collaborate with other students, making their online program feel more like a traditional college experience. Students who choose to study in a hybrid format may also engage in numerous campus activities, including several student-run clubs, Greek life chapters, and intramural or club sports teams. Accredited colleges. The breadth of options available to online learners is just one aspect of what makes Johns Hopkins one of the best options for online college. Students can research and enroll in their courses through the school's online portal, myBama and then access e-course content through the online learning management system, Blackboard. In the virtual classroom, students will receive a comprehensive education in their field of choice that are taught by dedicated instructors who are trained specifically to teach online courses.

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. Concordia University, Wisconsin does just that with their accelerated learning programs, allowing online students to study at a faster pace. Nova Southeastern University’s distance program doesn’t just serve students at one of the remote campuses, but also students that are studying online. Students pursuing an online degree from Drexel are instructed by the same prestigious faculty as their on-campus peers. Several online programs, ranging from certificate to graduate, are available to students enrolled at Southwestern College. There are also certificate programs available on the undergraduate and graduate levels. Along with their different programs, Stevens also offers students additional benefits. Online students at the University of Denver will be learning from experienced teachers who are prepared to make learning in a virtual environment as approachable as possible. At Indiana Wesleyan University, students can receive an affordable and convenient education via the school’s online degree programs. However, the graduate degree options are what sets George Washington apart from other online colleges. Online classes are just as likely to be covered by financial aid as traditional courses. News, APU was ranked the Southeast’s “Best Bang for the Buck” in Washington Monthly magazine. University of Illinois at Springfield The University of Illinois at Springfield has been recognized by U.S. Students will be able to stay in contact with their peers and professors through video chats, discussion boards, and emails. For students enrolled in programs requiring on-campus participation, the Harvard Extension School provides degree, certificate and professional programs in a hybrid format, allowing some credits to still be completed online. Bachelor’s degree programs are offered entirely online as well. Illinois Institute of Technology Several degree programs ranging from bachelor’s to master’s are offered at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Concordia University-Chicago is one of the best online colleges for students who want to combine a liberal arts education with the tenets of the Lutheran tradition. In addition, Case Western Reserve University has online master's degree programs in mechanical, civil, systems and control, and biomedical engineering. Any online colleges charging considerably more for out-of-state students were nixed. Online students will also be provided with all necessary student services to secure their success, including career counseling and tech services. This can be seen with their online bachelor’s degrees, all of which are fully accredited. Accredited colleges. Students enrolled in Harvard’s distance learning programs have access to all the same benefits as their on-campus peers, including counseling services, academic advising, financial aid and tutoring assistance. So you just explore programs that are relevant to you, and don't waste time on programs that are not. To that end, the school offers a variety of online degree programs that are catered to adult learners looking for quality, flexibility, and Christianity in their education. Whatever students are looking for out of their college experience, OSU has made itself one of the best online schools for people from all walks of life. Also, graduate students can study at their own pace, great for students who are working. Electric Engineering, M.S. Extra consideration was given for student-faculty ratio, freshman retention, published rankings, graduation rate, reputation with employers, financial aid, and online technology. Saint Leo University’s online program is designed to help nontraditional adult learners succeed by making higher education more accessible. However, online is also a popular option for students that want to combine online courses with on-campus courses, either to bolster their education or finish their degree faster. Johns Hopkins University is a well-known elite research university, but it’s not well-known that several degree programs may be completed without attending the school’s Baltimore, Md., campus. Students that do end up studying at WBU online to earn or complete their degree also receive a private, Christian education, instilling Christian ideals in students. On the graduate level, students can earn online certificates in forensic accounting, health care management, strategic management, and internal auditing, and master's degrees in management, business administration, and accountancy. Credit nord arras. Each is fully accredited, and they offer the same WBU education as their on-campus programs. California Baptist University has bachelor's degrees in public relations, kinesiology, English, human services, Christian ministries, and psychology. Marketing Management, B.S. Software Development, M.A. Incoming freshman can get a leg up while easing into college with UF Online’s PaCE Program, which allows them to begin school online and later transfer to on-campus programs. Students can study toward a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or, in some instances both, such as with the RN to MSN program that accelerates nurses to a master’s degree. Hampton University helps busy students find the time to further their education with several web-based degree programs. The school’s ethos is around educating the whole person, which translates into an emphasis on critical thinking and communication in its online courses. Multiple online programs are available at various levels of study, from full bachelor degree programs to grad-level certificates. In addition to providing convenience, the school also gives students variety in terms of the degree programs they can choose from. For example, the school's social administration master's program is designed for those who want to take leadership roles in the social work field. Graduate students may be interested in continuing their education with an online program offered at. Online students attending Lehigh University can receive a well-rounded education that will help them to obtain a position in their field of interest. Teaching Science, and M.S. Many students find that the best online colleges are the ones that allow them to study at their own pace – even if that means completing a degree faster than normal. For example, the school offers degree programs in religious studies, nursing, biology, equine science, criminal justice, history, and elementary education. Further freedom of schedule is available for students completing their work part-time. News and World Report named Clarkson University's online MBA program among the best in the country. Online students can be assured that they will receive the same education in their virtual course a traditional student would receive in a Canisius College classroom. Online students may also wish to study in a hybrid format, and split their time evenly between home and the Siena Heights campus. They understand that the best online schools are the ones that teach students everything they need to succeed, both right after graduation and in the future. Concordia is also one of the best online schools in terms of transferring credits, including military and work-related experience. Tiffin University understands the unique needs of working adults, which makes it among the best online colleges for students who need to juggle their education with working a full-time job and raising a family. For example, their online platform is considered one of the best, making it easier for students to learn and earn their degree. Course material is delivered directly to students, allowing them to choose the best time to complete their work. These programs are perfect for students with jobs, students in the military, or students who have familial obligations that need to be put first. Certain online courses taken with Champlain College also may be transferred to other institutions. News and World Report as one of the best online colleges for its bachelor's programs, as well as its MBA. In addition, the online school offers military student support services, such as counseling, tutoring, and a system to conveniently find information from the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense. Webster University offers online programs at the certificate, baccalaureate, and graduate level, all of which vary through several fields of study. Online learning will also communicate to employers that you’re self-motivated and organized with requisite tech skills. The school offers certificates, bachelor’s and graduate degrees online, and its University College is dedicated to helping adult learners complete their studies. Presbyterian College, a Christian institution based in Clinton, S.C., with a reputation for academic rigor, offers a large array of programs online. And once students do transition into the school, they can earn a variety of graduate and undergraduate degrees. Image SourceCatching the online education wave can provide tremendous benefits. Both bachelor students and graduate students have the opportunity to complete an entire degree online while studying at the University of Denver. Learning in an online program at Prescott College promotes self-discipline, accountability and a strong sense of initiative. In addition, the school offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate degree programs.

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. While many students enroll at Presby because it’s one of the best colleges for a Christian-based education, there are numerous courses unrelated to the Bible or theology. As with most online schools, Penn State has many options for those pursuing a master’s degree. Whether someone is a veteran or currently in active service, Davenport University is among the best online colleges students in the military can choose. From point of enrollment to graduation, online students will receive academic support from several departments, including academic advisement and online tutoring to aid in their success. As a result, the school has been listed multiple times on the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for the acts of service performed by students, professors, and staff. Regardless of a prospective student’s religious background, the online courses offered at Presbyterian College are carefully constructed to give all students the knowledge they need for their professional career.

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. Online learning at Lehigh is characterized by specialized virtual programs, experienced faculty members, and convenient accessibility. Healthcare Administration, or B.S. Online tutoring is available, and personal academic advisors are ready to provide students with the quickest path to their success. The online degree programs offered at Several programs offered at ECU can be completed without ever attending any traditional, in-person classes, but some students prefer splitting their time between campus and home. Some of the popular undergraduate options include the RN to BSN or health administration. Students who want to take advantage of Illinois Online without enrolling in a degree program can also choose from dozens of. For example, on the undergraduate level, students can earn bachelor's degrees in areas such as interdisciplinary studies, industrial engineering technology, library and information science, special education, child and family studies, and applied technology. On the graduate level, there are also master's degree programs in art and visual media, forensic psychology, crime analysis, and teaching art. Texas A & M University-College Station A distance-learning degree earned at Texas A&M University can provide students with the same tools for success that are available to students attending classes on campus. Northern Arizona University is a large public university in Flagstaff, Ariz., with a strong reputation in its online offerings. For example, students can earn a bachelor’s in English education while receiving Nevada state licensure, or the same degree with credentials in California. Colorado State University-Fort Collins Colorado State University is seen as one of the best online schools in Colorado to earn a master’s degree.

One of the goals at George Washington University’s online school is to educate leaders. With degree programs available at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, students who do study online are able to work toward their degrees while receiving the same quality education they would get on-campus at NAU. To set itself apart, National doesn’t just offer degrees that can be completed entirely online – they also offer degrees that lead to certification, bringing students one step closer to their future career. On the graduate level, students can study technology management, public administration, counseling psychology, organizational leadership, and communication. Online students could earn the B.S. The JHU admissions office is willing to work with any incoming transfer student to find any applicable areas for transfer credit to be utilized. Being able to learn in a comfortable environment is often one of the greatest keys to student success. Faculty members have several years of experience in teaching online courses and are prepared to help all incoming online students reach their goals. In addition, JHU offers dozens of classes online that can supplement traditional in-person courses as part of a degree program. Some of its courses and credits are even free and available for all students regardless of enrollment. The degree programs we find will be flexible, to fit your lifestyle and availability. Each program is designed to give students the knowledge they need to enter the global community as a leader and expert. Before beginning their e-courses, students must first complete a self-guided orientation to online learning where they will learn strategies for academic success in the virtual classroom. At the University of Alabama, non-traditional learners can reach their academic goals through online courses and degree programs. Click below to get on the fast-track. While students can earn or complete their bachelor's degree entirely online, most students come to WBU online to earn a master's degree. With their various resources, Colorado State is among the best online colleges for earning an all-around education. Part of what makes the University of Illinois at Springfield a good choice is its partnerships with numerous community colleges, which allows students to easily transition from associate's degree programs to higher-level degrees. in Business Administration, B.A. However, there are also plenty of online bachelor’s degrees offered as well. Students studying at Champlain College may take advantage of a wide variety of online course offerings to expedite their academic career. The school's history and dedication to their core values place them among the best online schools to get a Christian education. Students at NAU also benefit from the school’s focus on career readiness in all its degree programs. For example, the college has bachelor's degrees in history, psychology, math, computer science, and philosophy, as well as master's degrees in education, public health, legal studies, political science, and data analytics. This rigorous accreditation makes Nova one of the best online colleges in Florida for students that are looking for a high-quality education. College degrees aren’t just about becoming educated, and National University understands that the best online colleges prepare students for their career. George Washington is home to many well-respected online programs, and they are considered one of the best online colleges for earning a