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In the navigation pane, right-click the existing page and select Insert Page. to automatically populate each card with the same information. Click the specific page size that you want, and then click. In the Insert Page dialog box, click After current page, and then select any options that you want. Under , do the following: Select a Color scheme and Font scheme. On the Text Box Tools Format tab, point to , and then click Do Not AutoFit. If you want to include a logo, check Include logo. If the second side will include a translation in a different language, you may want to click Duplicate all objects on page, so that all of the colors, graphics, and text are available on the second page.

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. On the toolbar, click Insert Picture. In the dialog box, scroll down to the Business Cards section, find the specific manufacturer that you want, and then click its name.  If you can't find your specific manufacturer or their specific product, carefully measure the size of the business card that you want to print on, being sure to exclude that portion of the card that doesn't get printed on. If the product that you will be using is not listed, follow the procedure below. Before you print your two-sided business cards If you are printing two-sided business cards on your desktop printer, test your design on plain paper first, for the following reasons: Desktop printers often don't align two-sided documents precisely. For more information about setting up a custom page size, see Custom Page Size dialog box. In the Preset Page Size dialog box, scroll down to the Business Cards section, find the specific manufacturer that you want, and then click its name. Choose any options that you want, such as color scheme, business information set, or whether you want portrait or landscape orientation. However, you can manually adjust the text size. Add your text To replace the placeholder text with your own text, click the placeholder text and then type. In the Insert Picture dialog box, browse to the location with the logo that you want to insert into the publication, and then double-click the picture. Apply business card credit online.

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. To edit your contact information or replace your business contact information with a different business information set, click Business Information on the menu. Learn More Banking and Wealth Management Insights and Tools Financial Education on Wealth Management Your phone is smart, your bank is mobile. In the Business Cards catalog, under Installed Templates, click the design that you want. Replace a placeholder logo with your own logo Click the logo placeholder, pause, and then click the placeholder picture again to display the Insert Picture toolbar.  If you stored your business contact information in a business information set, and you select a business information set, it will automatically populate your business card. Change the size of text In most cases, the text is resized automatically to fit within a placeholder text box. Click Custom Page Size, and then type the business card dimensions in the Custom Page Size dialog box.

Under , do the following: Select a - or. Emprunt immobilier limoges. Add the text, images, and other information that you want to appear on the back of your card. For example, if the second side of your card will display the company motto, you may want to click Create one text box on each page. Select the text, and then choose a new font size from the drop-down on the Text Box Tools Format tab. Create a two-sided business card The back side of your card is a great place to add information to make it easier for customers to do business with you. Click the drop-down menu under Business information and click Create new. Select the text, and then choose a new font size from the list on the toolbar. Before you print on your card stock, practice with some plain test sheets to make sure your business cards are printed the way that you want.  If you know that you will be printing on a specific manufacturer's product, scroll to the specific manufacturer's section, and click the product that you will be using. If you have customized the spacing for margins or gaps, or if you have changed the Copies Per Sheet setting, the fronts and backs will be harder to align. Publisher will automatically size the image to fit. Citigold® clients can enjoy premium service, preferred rates and guidance. Set up business cards for a specific manufacturer's product If you purchased business card sheets from a specific manufacturer, you can set up your business card in Publisher so that the dimensions match the card sheets when you print the cards. This is especially true if your printer does not support duplex printing and requires you to manually reinsert the paper to print on the second side. In the Create New Business Information Set dialog box, enter your information in the fields, including Business Information set name.  If you have included your logo in a business information set, and you select that business information set, the logo is added to new publication automatically. In the Page Design tab, click , and then click More Preset Page Sizes. Create a one-sided business card Click > and choose to use one of the templates installed in Publisher.

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. When the back side of the business card looks the way that you want, save the file