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Take this in two parts**.**Employability of the lesser skilled : THE Present Government has been pushing the skilling agenda. These agents ask me, in regards to my original account, to get my husband to verify it as the account holder. T-Mobile had zero issue giving my phone service so long as it was under their plan. The problem is not just in bringing Univs under CCS, but a concealed attempt at making SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and PROGRESS subservient to some whimsical stuff written in Ancient Textbooks. Problems with respect to HECI and fee fixation : One of the biggest problems that the policy has done, is that it has legitimized the policy of state exit and buttressed the belief of Private Education providing Quality education. I was sane, calm, and professional. Progressive in particular determined to charge me more for my premium because they claim female drivers are less safe, though they have no statistics for transsexual females. It had promoted the PPP model for skilling.

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. A wonderful opportunity lay right infront of our hands to reverse back atleast a section of brain that has been drained. The focus should be in strengthening reading, writing and arithmetic skills. The varsity must be kept a free place, where infusion of ideas, permeability and penetration of ideas must be maximum. My consistent professionalism should have improved my credit, not harmed it.So now, after yet more wasted time and frustration, I'm going public.I ask for recompense. All because they don't know how to handle trans customers.

Once again they are telling me I am my own husband and I need to get him on the line to get to get anything resolved. You have my email address on file.I am sick and tired of being dis-included from a functional financial and social life simply for because my womanhood was hard-won. The skilling institutes are marred with CONFLICT OF INTEREST, Malgovernance and the credibility of their skilling quality is pretty poor, once we look into the rates of employability after completing the courses.

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. I've walked away from this with every assurance these steps will be taken. The Vacancies in the biggest and best Institutes wrt FACULTY are being kept vacant intentionally, to show them in poor light, to the public, enabling generous privatization. Pourquoi le credit lyonnais. Assurance credit a l exportation. Such a situation has happened due to few reasons :promoting a flawed pattern of EDUCATION FOR JOBS and MARKSLack of requisite jobs in the sectors of choice. THE WHOLE DOCUMENT PROMISES US LAVISH WORDS, MUCH PROMOTION, BUT IT SPEAKS ZILCH ABOUT WHERE THE FUNDS ARE GOING TO BE RAISED FROM. My name is Josie Maxine Gallows and I've spent the last three years in an absolutely atrocious business relationship with T-Mobile. No, we arent going to become a vishwaguru by promoting cow pee as a cancer cure. There has not been one attempt made to fix the situation, rather than a vague policy prescription of INTERACTIVE EDUCATION. And furthermore, my own problems have been resolved such as updating my name, resolving my erroneous debt, and clearing my credit. Promoting pseudo science in the name of TRADITION is blasphemy.Mission Nalanda and Mission Taxila has said that there will be Higher Univ in every district, but there is no plan in place.

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. Such trainees will be a national asset. Mbna america credit card. It implies national standards for an in-demand skill set with national/global mobility that translates into better jobs. They kept my account open and kept charging me. The course structure in VT is haphazard enough with its whole bouquet of courses, preventing streamlining. To remember all those who believe this is some new innovative plan of mudiji, the RUSA scheme and its intentions of opening HEIs across all EDUCATIONALLY BACKWARD districts was present since UPA days. Credit agricole de nord est. No skill development can succeed if most of the workforce lacks the foundation to pick up skills in a fast-changing world. My medical privacy rights were being violated with each instance of this ignorance. I've done my best to not go public with the outrages of my case with T-Mobile but I have, yet again, had three to four hours of my night wasted for the last two nights. I feel this thread remains relevant regardless because it's an example of how society fails us in ways most wouldn't commonly consider.To T-Mobile and its LGBT Customers,I am a transsexual woman. Short-term training should be confined to recognising prior learning of informally trained workers who are already working.Employability of the higher skilled : The problem of the higher skilled is sufficiently different from that of the lower skilled. The good this action will do for our community should reflect what all major companies should be striving to do for LGBT people.I will update if these commitments are, for some reason, not honored. Not a word has been spoken about Quality Assurance or the fact of Accountability fixation towards Private institutes. After this proved ineffective, I kept calling to rectify the situation. But for that we need a liberated education system, and a system that is ready to suitably employ such people with due remuneration. Given the rise of RIGHT in USA and across many European nations, we could actually reverse and bring some of our talented brains back to our country. I stopped uttering my deadname and using a fake male voice to prove myself.Apparently, the agents still didn't believe I was who I said I was. Also lets move into the issue of A very important issue here can be one of social learning based methods, via "Interested people". The rest of the corpus is to be attained via loans, which has to be repaid by institutes over period of time. Yes, even now.After canceling service, my fiance switched from his original carrier to T-Mobile. Recently, after T-Mobile customer service botched his account, he decided to switch to another company. Bigoted customer service agents, in stores, pretended to update information in their systems but did not. Vide CCS rules ; A professor would not be able to openly criticize and elaborately express his dissent against a government policy in an editorial without having its approval. Case in point, Bharatiya Shiksha Board. The Indian Science Congress was just a blatant attempt to push its agenda. But the model as Sharda Prasad report has shown has failed to muster much influence. At this point in my life, changing services can be a days, weeks, or months long hassle of proving my identity and getting equality with the services and rates men receive. Go into a store, provide my information, and explain to a bewildered staff that I've had a sex change, in earshot of whatever other customers were in the store. No, Bharatiya and vedic shiksha boards can never be equal to CISCE and CBSE. Those agents asked me for not only my court ordered name change, my ID, one even asked for medical documentation that I was in fact female. In the previous year we had seen how the INSTITUTE OF EMINENCE tag was given to JIO institute. In such a case solutions can be manifold. I had similar issues switching car insurance providers who refused to believe I am who I say I am, such as The General, Geico, and Progressive. I asked them very specifically to make these processes easier and more compassionate through their website or via telephone. Assurance credit a l exportation. T-Mobile customer service won't provide the exact date of my account opening because they've sold my account to a debt collection agency therefore causing me additional hardship. I told them I would not be providing my court and medical documentation once again. The worst part of the report has been, although it has agreed time and over again about the learning poverty gap, it has ONLY PROMOTED SOME COSMETIC MEASURES LIKE FLIPPED LEARNING AND DIGITAL BOARDS.BRINGING UNIVS UNDER CIVIL SERVICE CONDUCT RULES. Private, for profit education has never been linked to improved access in areas of low access. So no, it wasn't as simple as switching to another cell provider – as they check credit to determine bills and offer promotions on phones and services, and my being transsexual comes up as a red flag. The skill imparted for doing astrology can only get a person to some VHP shakha, sorry it is never going to a man a job to earn a living. Despite my previous bad interactions, I stuck with T-Mobile due to the fear that switching companies would prove even more problematic and stressful.

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. The government trying to establish the fact that pushing private people to open and run univs can be good, but that will never be inclusive. Because I do not speak with a male voice, they denied me access to my own account information. OECDs PISA report had ranked us abysmally, so much so that we withdrew participation from PISA and joined it back only this year. I provided court order information showing my legal name and gender change. One of the most important places of societal evolution and innovation and invention is the University. Mid day meal and good nutrition might attract and increase the GER at entry level, but it isnt going to solve the LEARNING POVERTY GAP ISSUES. His phone, completely paid off, had no issue being unlocked and ported to another company. Such vile attempts are being concealed under norms of "PROMOTING RESEARCH IN CHOICE SECTORS" , " GRANTS FORWARDED TO SUCH RESEARCH THAT IS SOCIALLY VIABLE" and such other ambiguous terminology. We want to privatise education without a semblance of accountability towards them really providing people quality skill upgradation. On the other hand, our government has left no stone unturned to bring the Univs under the ambit of CCS rules. I provided copies of my ID. These customer service agents then condescend to me saying “Oh my supervisor is LGBT, he'll understand.” Then they lie, get nothing done, and the cycle repeats. Hence the current national standards have to drastically improve