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Laurie Malyuk of River Falls, Wis., said she was lucky because she found out her credit card information had been stolen before any charges were made to her card. Card credit fraud story. She had been writing checks from the account, not realizing it had been drained by someone using her debit card number. Meanwhile, other Babygear customers recounted what happened after their credit card data was snatched. Paul Overhauser, president of eSmart Corp., an Indianapolis-based security consulting firm, said he agreed with Williams. The employee asked if she wanted to use another card to make the purchase. "So I was able to cancel my card before any charges were made to it." But unlike Walker, who said she still uses her new card to make online purchases, Malyuk said she's had it with buying on the Internet. Last December, Kellie Walker of Gilbert, Ariz., got a telephone call from an employee of The Boeing Co. "I had checks bouncing everywhere," she said. John of San Ramon, Calif., found out she was a victim of credit card fraud while making a small purchase at a drugstore. I've had cases die because they were just too time consuming and very frustrating." The FBI didn't return repeated calls seeking comment.

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. Card credit fraud story. "We have seen a lot of Eastern European hackers. If it were a large transaction from a large bank, [it would be different]. in Seattle telling her the credit card she had used to buy a Boeing leather jacket had been declined.

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. But there's no cooperative effort between law enforcement in [Yugoslavia and the U.S.] to try and track down the hackers. "I didn't notice any charges until January. "I told them I didn't try to buy any jacket, and I asked them what the shipping address was," she said. Credit impot fenetres. "Around Thanksgiving, I got a call from someone at a computer company in Florida asking if I was charging computer equipment to send to Yugoslavia," she said. "And there is no way I'll use it online again." While the number of victims of credit card theft mounts, it's unlikely that the hackers will ever be caught. It's even more difficult when the hackers are in foreign countries where political and legal systems are in flux, such as Yugoslavia. "This was the only time I had used my card online [at]," she said. "I haven't used my new card online since then," she said. "It's apparent that if the hacker were in the United States, he could be tracked down and prosecuted. John said she didn't realize what had happened until she got a call from an employee of who said the jeans she ordered were returned because the shipping address was incorrect. Former Babygear CEO and President Preston Bealle said he was unaware of any widespread security breaches at the site, which was shut down in early December. "And unless there are very high-profile cases -- and the theft of credit card data is not very high-profile -- [nothing really happens]. Heather Knight Kathleen Pender Scott Ostler. Debbie Gibson of Coeburn, Va., said it was her debit card data that was stolen from the site