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Also, you can print-out our Debt Options Analysis and our fees are plainly indicated. And here's what we are going to discuss: I'll review the lawsuit with you. What's amazing to me is that people know that this approach can't work, but they use it all the time. With Debt Management, you pay considerably more money to get out of debt; whereas, with Debt Consolidation you pay considerably less money and it's faster. Many times clients want to use a Debt Consolidation Plan because no one wants to go to the hospital, people do not want to file bankruptcy. We have some clients who can pay in one lump-sum their entire Debt Consolidation Plan. You have to look under Debt Negotiators and you'll see that there aren't many that have a license and the ones who have a license are predominately mortgage companies because they want you to take a mortgage on your house to pay your credit card debt. They guess at the analysis and skewered it in their favor. On a secured loan, the creditor can, of course, try to collect any money due and owing by attaching your wages, banking accounts, etc. Note that they don't do any 'credit counseling' but they are referred to as 'credit counselors', which is really a misnomer. When a debt is settled, your credit report will often reflect 'settled for less than full amount' , 'paid not as agreed', etc. The credit card industry has 'sanctioned under their auspices' Debt Management but they haven't 'sanctioned' Debt Consolidation. Each regiment was to consist of nine rather than eight companies. Their mind is unconscious. The quiz is administered by an organization that you have never heard about and exists solely for the purpose of pinning 'merit badges' on anyone who applies. We represent you in any lawsuit and there are no additional legal fees because our monthly retainer fee which is built into your total monthly payment covers this possibility. They have to have their income and expenses evaluated. Every seventh year all lenders were to release their debtors from all of their debts. Now all Debt Negotiators come under this law. Neither the creditor nor the creditor's attorney will care or be impressed. Nothing could be further from reality but people have visions or nightmares of the above and this makes them want to avoid bankruptcy and avoid even the discussion and comparison of it to other options. We advise clients that since the credit card industry has tightened its grip on Debt Management Companies by rigidly auditing their work, if they are a high income earner, they might not get any concessions on their interest rates. In the upper left hand corner, you'll find a box labeled: 'Unsecured Debt'. I blame this on the banking and credit card lobby, which is constantly changing the Bankruptcy Code in order to 'screw you', the consumer. When you enrol in our Debt Consolidation program, we send letters to all your creditors directing that all your bills be forwarded to our office. We still have to make progress in their area of personal finances because filing for bankruptcy is equated with being 'marked' or 'branded' as a failure. And notwithstanding their lack of understanding, they actually can't explain and contrast the informal options with the formal options because they aren't attorneys. Embarrassment! People can feel embarrassed when they file for bankruptcy and this embarrassment prevents them from exploring it as an option. This involves analyzing your income and expenses. When you are doing a Debt Consolidation, this doesn't prevent the creditors from suing you in court. If these certifying agencies had real teeth, they could and would suspend a company's license to practice their trade or profession. Go to the Internet and search 'Debt Consolidation Fraud' in Google and Yahoo and see what you find. However, the Debt Management/Credit Counseling Companies were created by the credit card industry and there has always been the suspicion about them that they are really "soft collection" agencies. In debt management, aka credit counseling, you might or might not get a good credit score.

There are pluses and minuses for Debt Management versus Debt Consolidation. Embarrassment is really the first reaction to financial problems and this embarrassment results in ignoring the problem, putting your head in the sand and then going to the Internet which is the 'Wild West of Fraud', unfortunately. The board was to consist of a brigadier general as moderator and six field officers as members. But at least our calculator can give you a 'feel' for what we charge.. Next, review this handout and call my office for an appointment. Debt Management and Debt Consolidation Companies will not begin to discuss with you in detail your bankruptcy options and compare it to what they are offering you. compiled by the Roster of Colonel Waterbury's regiment. Therefore, we offer the most comprehensive and fair analysis, and help you select the best option for yourself. I'll make an appointment'. These reports will not help your credit score but will reduce it. But the Debt Consolidation Company a/k/a Debt Settlement Company wants to charge all its fees upfront before they deal with any creditor. Card credit debt debt relief stop. Stay calm and keep it 'cool'. Half of Sherburne’s Additional Continental Regiment was drawn Rhode Island and half from Connecticut. This makes these companies subject to the criticism that they are not independent of the Credit Card Industry when giving you advice. You'll find all the licensed and bonded Debt Adjusters on this website. They are 'fly by night' companies because they are 'here today and gone tomorrow'. You can convert it to a formal bankruptcy. Debts incurred through fraud and/or embezzlement are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. We, also, have a matrix chart, which presents all the Pluses and Minuses of each Option. I have seen some websites, which present a 'debt calculator', which supposedly compares your options. All your calls come to my office after you tell them simply,' Call my lawyer'. Available, in part, online from the U.S. The Book of the Continental Soldier. You should know that Attorneys are licensed to practice law by the Judicial Department for the State of Connecticut. De financement des credits.

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. And I'm always amazed at the number of people who are afraid that if they don't pay their debts that they will go to jail. Parsons became a brigadier general in the Continental Army on the latter date. You can only reach them by phone or the Internet. I have found that bankruptcy attorneys, because of their training are actually biased against Debt Management companies; and I have found that Debt Management companies because of their orientation and culture are biased against bankruptcy attorneys. Many, many consumers use a Debt Consolidation Company because they feel that if they file for bankruptcy they are a 'failure' and they are embarrassed. Most clients have to use a payment plan to settle their debts. In Connecticut, you can go to the website, and click on 'Verify a License', and you can check any company that has a valid license. I had one young lady contact me via email that asked me questions about her options. Also, I have developed a unique analysis, which allows you to compare all of the options. But then events in people's lives change. YOU WILL NOT HAVE A GOOD CREDIT RATING OR SCORE. I have seen people struggling and fighting to pay their debts and actually many times they can be knocked-out and not know it. But there are many clients who are in a 'gray area' and there is no obvious and absolute answer. And I have had many clients tell me, 'You told me that you didn't think I would be a happy camper in Debt Consolidation and you were right. Again, you have to see our chart. Annual Rankings of debt accumulation by city in Connecticut are in. And, of course, a creditor who has previously accepted a debt Consolidation proposal could change their policy and take the position that no debt Consolidation proposals will be accepted. As Will Rogers said, "Once you realize that you are in a hole, you should stop digging". Every seventh year, the debtors were discharged from all their loans and were no longer legally obligated to repay them. "At the end of every seven years thou shalt make a release. I have heard many, many horror stores from clients who finally discovered us and came to my office after they had been ripped-off by out-of-state debt Consolidation Companies. This company has no physical office here in Connecticut. Not all Continental infantry regiments raised in a state were part of a state quota, however. See if you can find a name and picture of the person responsible for offering the debt Consolidation services. However, if you aren't extremely careful, your assets will definitely be exposed to the judgment creditor. An attorney's allegiance is first to his/her client's best interest according to our ethics. I tell my clients to simply read it and use it. Here's where the analysis of your income and expenses becomes critical in deciding whether or not you really can continue to pay on your accounts. I have defined as 'fresh financial start' as not just canceling debt. They want to protect the public by having businesses subscribed to a code of ethics and want to report businesses that do not follow a code of ethics. I have told clients that there are two classes of people in our society: the screwer and the screwed. We will not advise you not to pay on your debts when you have the means to pay those debts. And we have clients who are in a grey area of what option is best for them. The term "Connecticut Line" referred to the quota of numbered infantry regiments assigned to Connecticut at various times by the Continental Congress, the size of its allocation determined by the size of its population relative to that of other states. This was used as a technicality so that they circumvent the law. I have found that Debt Management Companies have accused bankruptcy attorneys of just "throwing people" into bankruptcy and not urging them to take responsibility for their actions. You have the option of including some of your debt or all of your debt. Informal options are ones where you don't go to Court. One client came to me who compromised his own debt and then paid income taxes on it. But you will have to follow a very strict program for budgeting and monitoring your credit score. Webb had formerly served as one of Washington’s personal aides. We will give you a comparative financial analysis between Debt Consolidation and Debt Management, which are your 'informal options'. But we always will review your credit reports to determine if there's any violations of the law and there's never an additional charge. This might sound outlandish and ridiculous but I assure you that unfortunately it isn't ridiculous. I have worked with many individual clients to help them improve their credit scores. Therefore, ironically, they will select the most expensive and impractical alternative and they shy away from bankruptcy because they just don't want to look at it. The ninth company was to be a company of light infantry, and was to be kept up to strength by drafting men from the regiment’s eight other companies if necessary. You pretend that the lawsuits against you are meaningless and nothing can happen to you. Yes, you can represent yourself but as Abe Lincoln said, 'A person who represents himself, has a fool for a client'. Under this reorganization, the number of regiments in the Connecticut quota was unchanged. Connecticut consolidation credit debt. As an attorney, I am to explain the pros and cons of all the options, analyze them in terms of monthly payments and total amounts paid, and make a recommendation to you.

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. But again this is just a general rule and one rule doesn't fit all clients. Some times they have to have their income evaluated in the 'Means Test' when they are over the medium income for bankruptcy. Assisting the client in making the most informed choice or decision in dealing with their debts and credit scores. Dispelling myths and propaganda of the credit card industry and other organizations. They have no such power to revoke or suspend a license. To our knowledge, there is no one that dispassionately weighs and compares all options and presents that analysis in a comparison summary report. My booklet has all this useful information and more. However, a Debt Consolidation Company will tout their certification as if they have been anointed into sainthood. My clients can use this website and there's no charge for using it. You can lose your license to practice law when you violate the ethical obligations of the legal profession. We accurately develop what is your exact income and what are your ordinary and necessary expenses. We professionally and objectively weight and explain all the options and present the reasons why someone should use Debt Consolidation or Debt Management and/or, we explain all the issues and problems of filing for a bankruptcy. We will make a recommendation as to the best option for you and explain the reasoning. Credit agricole paris agence. But it takes an independent and professional referee to declare the fight should be over. It's especially helpful if there's no interest running on the tax debt but this is not always the case. You simply bring those law suits to our office and we'll review them with you. Thus, you'd save your home from foreclosure. You don't open your bills and you ignore the problem. THIS OPTION DOESN'T WORK. One version of the Lord's pray says, "And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors' versus ,'forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us'. For example, you could have lawsuits pending against you before you come to our office and your wages are attached and there are judgment liens against your home. Battles of the American Revolution. But since you can't borrow money indefinitely, eventually the balloon expands so far and that it bursts. I tell clients that it only takes 'one nuclear bomb to ruin your day' and lurking within the Bankruptcy Code is vast amount of landmines just waiting for you. What are the pluses and minuses of Debt Consolidation vs. While the Main Army, that portion of Washington’s army under his immediate command, was in winter quarters at Valley Forge, the Congress acted to reduce the size and increase the tactical efficiency of the Continental Army. Further, I have an e-Learning website to assist my clients and you can find it at With these clients, it's just a matter of time before they become financially exhausted. However, Debt Consolidation is more of a 'rocky road' to travel than Debt Management. The only remedy available for the creditor when you haven't paid on an unsecured debt is to collect the money due and owing from your wages, and/or your bank accounts. It will take a little time, but we are able to stop the harassing phone calls. They just don't have the money. Second, in Debt Consolidation you have greater flexibility in dealing with your debt because you can keep any credit card you decide should not be included in your Plan. The attorney can only advise and can't sell you anything. They don't say that your credit score will be poor. Many times when you trace where they really exist, you find that they have a Post Office Box in one state, and the answering machine in that state which forwards calls to another state. For some people, this can be a good option. But if we determine that you really can't complete a Debt Consolidation plan and that it's not in your best interest, we won't recommend it and will respectfully decline to enrol you as a client