Consumer credit act 1974

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. A conditional sale contract allows the individual to buy goods by instalments; he will own the goods when all payments have been made. For this reason, creditors issuing default notices are required to inform individuals of their termination rights. Credit File Under the act, if a consumer is turned down for a credit arrangement, he is entitled to a copy of his credit file. The consumer can then contact the reporting agency to obtain the credit file. Consumer credit act 1974.. Complaints may also be raised against other types of credit related companies, such as debt-collection agencies. The amount paid includes the deposit and all instalments paid by the termination date. If the calculation results in zero or a negative figure, the individual needs only to pay the arrears.

Outstanding LiabilityWhen goods financed by hire purchase or conditional sale are surrendered to a creditor, the individual may still need to make a final payment to extinguish his liability.The Act restricts the individual's liability on termination. Return of GoodsA creditor cannot require an individual to return the goods to a location that is not within a reasonable distance; neither is the creditor permitted to charge a fee for collection of the goods. The credit card company shares responsibility for reimbursing the consumer's credit card for the full amount. If an individual wishes to voluntarily terminate his agreement, he must inform the creditor in writing. The establishment has seven days to respond, stating which consumer reporting company was used. ConsiderationsTermination of a hire purchase or conditional sale agreement does not terminate any subsidiary agreements, such as insurance.

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. The provision gives consumers a certain time to cancel a purchase or agreement in certain circumstances. A creditor may pursue the individual for damages if the goods are returned in poor condition. Purchase Protection The Consumer Credit Act protects the consumer when faulty goods - such as those damaged during shipment or that simply don't work properly - are purchased on credit. Credit agricole a toulouse. Under a hire purchase agreement, an individual agrees to make regular, monthly payments to rent the goods over the length of the agreement, typically between one and five years. In addition, it permits borrowers to challenge unfair debtor-creditor relationships in court.   Cooling-off Period The act provides a "cooling-off" period for some purchases, including life insurance, investments and loans. Consumer credit act 1974. The right to terminate must be clearly visible on the credit agreement.

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. On termination, the individual must surrender the goods to the creditor