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Ministries are now required to have a Project Management Office to follow up on projects and make them more effective. But whether this is a long-term shift or something more temporary, government spending will not rise endlessly.

A number of large ongoing infrastructure projects will also be completed soon, while others - such as the Riyadh and Jeddah metro - will be prolonged; still others, such as the building of new sports stadiums, will be postponed. De recrutement du credit agricole. Over the medium term, the growth of government expenditure is expected to slow as one-off spending measures instituted this year end. But Saudi Arabia is also not about to come apart at the seams: Its economy is a long way from bankruptcy, and the kingdom is far better equipped to tackle the challenges of job creation, education, and diversification than it was in years past.

(ARGUMENT): The Reports of Saudi Arabia’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

. He writes frequently on Saudi and international economic affairs and issued the first business confidence index report and the first real estate price index report by a Saudi bank. The recent chatter that low oil prices are leading to speculation against the Saudi riyal will amount to nothing: Saudi authorities are very cognizant that this is not the right time to be thinking of any currency regime change. He also held various banking posts including, Group General Manager and Chief Economist of Banque Saudi Fransi and Chief Economist, Middle East North Africa region for Credit Agricole C.I.B. This is a positive step for an economy that was hiring only expats in the private sector for decades. Credit agricole charente perigort. This would be the envy of any developed economy.During the years of plenty, Saudi Arabia amassed a significant war chest that will help it survive the current low oil prices. Saudi Arabia faces many challenges in the years ahead, but reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.**Source: More about the author: John Sfakianakis Director GCC, Ashmore GroupHe is the Director of the GCC region at the Ashmore Group. He also worked as an advisor at the Ministry of Economy and Planning in Saudi Arabia. And it’s true that diversification has proved easier said than done. He holds a doctorate degree in economics from Harvard University.

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. Labor market reforms, together with investments in affordable housing to help younger people and the less well-off population enter the housing market, are key elements of the government’s policy agenda. Ashmore is a specialist Emerging Markets investment manager with over twenty years’ experience in these markets. The government is focusing on developing industrial clusters around oil and mining, and joint ventures in refining, mining, petrochemicals, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and banking. Previously he served as the Chief Economic Advisor to the Saudi Minister of Finance. Credit agricole banque maroc. [See: Ashmore Group]He was previously Chief Investment Strategist of MASIC, an eighty year-old investment company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and a member of the firm’s investment committee.

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. As part of the government’s continuous drive toward economic liberalization, the Saudi stock market - one of the largest in emerging markets and one of the most liquid in the region - opened its doors earlier this year to foreigners. Proposals for expenditure cuts have also been discussed since the early summer months.The size and duration of the drop in oil prices will be essential in determining its economic impact