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In Europe, we get France's October Bank of France industry sentiment index. Credit d impot taxe professionnelle. Away from this, the Fed's Daly is due to speak on the economic outlook while the ECB's Lautenschlaeger, de Guindos and Nouy are also scheduled to speak. Credit agricole des vosges en ligne.

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Basically the deal as it stands is being criticised by both remain and leave Conservatives and also by the DUP.Meanwhile the Labour Party opposition is highly unlikely to vote for it. W credit agricole alsace. There’s still a need for more clarity from the U.K.

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. EU general-affairs ministers will discuss the latest on Brexit negotiations followed by a press briefing from the EU's Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier. So a deal being reached with the EU still seems the easy part of the equation. It’ll be interesting if they can persuade others to join them ahead of next month’s semi-annual full gathering. Furthermore, in early European trade, the Kuwaiti Oil Minister stated that oil exporters discussed some kind of supply cut for next year but no volume was mentioned. They will be able to continue importing limited quantities of oil from Iran without running afoul of US laws, boosting the global supply of oil. The weekend media suggests there could be others refusing to vote in favour along those lines with the Sunday Times suggesting four such proremain Government resignations are possible. There is no data of note in the US. The situation is extremely fluid however especially with the increased backlash internally within the government and with the Irish border issue still outstanding. The arithmetic around any deal passing through Parliament was already challenging enough without losing pro-remain Conservatives. Stocks reversed earlier gains, turning lower in Europe as U.S. As noted earlier, the Shanghai Comp. However, the supply cut may prove to be a temporary solution to falling prices as global growth slows, with two of the world’s biggest economies - Germany and Japan - expected to report a contraction in output in coming days. Credit agricole des vosges en ligne. “Supply-side surprises appear to be the main culprit, but concern that global demand is slowing may also be creeping into markets and weighing on risk appetite,” the ANZ analysts said.Looking ahead, Treasuries aren’t trading due to Veterans’ Day holiday. Note: weekly API and DoE inventory data have been pushed back by a day due to US Veterans’ day. Pro-remain Tory MP Jo Johnson resigned and suggested he wouldn’t support the deal in its current form. The US equity market will remain open but there is a recommended full market close for the Treasury market.Global equities were mixed last week, with US indexes mostly advancing after the US elections but emerging markets underperforming. It felt quite apt given the current situation. It is worth noting that today is Veterans Day in the US. Volumes were subdued with many banks closed for Veteran's Day in the US.

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. However, Chinese markets then recovered as officials continued to pledge measures to support businesses including wider tax cuts and with China also upbeat following record-breaking Singles Day sales.

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. The catalyst, ongoing Italian-EU budget angst ahead of Tuesday’s deadline for the Government to resubmit a fiscal plan, and another meeting between key Roman officials later today. If anyone in Italy can give me the secret of that equation I’d be delighted to hear it