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Credit agricole des pays de la loire. Rachat credits immobilier.

» Because he’s worth it! "Based on trust and mutual respect". We look back at a cordial and productive partnership.” Co-Chairman of the Melkonian group melkonian-group Good things come to those who wait… Time has proved Omnes Capital right, as it saw Novaled AG’s potential very early on.

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. Their assistance helped us get going in the right direction.” New-generation telecare « Omnes is a long-standing partner. Clparticuliers credit lyonnais.

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. Like us, they are pioneers, and we are so pleased to share this adventure with them.” Mission accomplished for growth ! “It’s almost a personal relationship – one in which all parties participate on equal footing. Credit agricole private bank. It provides us with its network and helps us to confirm our market credibility with strong relational qualities.

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. exclusive-networks A family affair “After working with the Melkonian group for five years, Omnes Capital has sold its investment in the leading mining equipment company with a heavy heart.