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. Credit agricole sud rhone alpes en. The Supervisory Board is currently chaired by Jacques Siret, President of Terre Univia. It was chaired by Jean-Claude Sabin, with general management entrusted to Philippe Tillous-Borde, an agricultural engineer specialized in industrial investments. "La mutation juridique de Sofiprotéol". "Sofiprotéol, l'essence du succès". Instant approval 0 interest credit card. European rapeseed and sunflower press cakes are a substitute for American soybean press cakes. Extracted from oilseeds, these solid residues are rich in protein. One hundred million chickens are fed annually by Avril. To refloat, the interprofessional organizations decided to create a financial fund: Sofiprotéol. The goal being to increase the production of oilseed rape, sunflower, peas, flax and field beans through creating a chain of French vegetable oil and protein. Within this council also sit two elected staff members of the group. Avril also initiated Institute PIVERT, in Picardy. Avril invests in research to develop second-generation biofuels. The group also manufactures oil and vegetable based sauces and condiments. Oleochemistry is a branch of "plant chemistry" developing chemical molecules, commonly referred to as bio-based molecules. During this period, Sofiprotéol augmented and extended its sector strategy by developing its work in oleochemistry, biotechnologies, animal feed, and nutrition. Through Sanders, Adonial, and others companies, Avril produces and sells rapeseed and sunflower press cakes. Among other molecules, Avril produces glycerol, a biodiesel byproduct. "Lesieur rachète l'huile d'olive Puget". This was the beginning of extending the agricultural sector with the construction of an industrial chain, from farmers, to seed storage agencies and seed producers. Sofiprotéol is committed to its partners on a permanent basis.

"Le Groupe Glon s'empare de Sopral". Sofiprotéol remains as an investment company under the control of Avril Group. Then, in the following years, the company took over assets in the field of crushing seeds, seeds, and packaging of edible oils. The group changed the development of its businesses. It is the leading European producer of biodiesel. Glycerol is a non-toxic liquid, with a sweet taste, that is used in many pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food products.Through Lesieur Cristal, Avril produces soaps in Morocco, marketed under the brands and. Novance produced products derived from vegetable oils for non-food applications, such as glycerin. The Board of Avril Gestion appoints the manager of the SCA. The General Partner, who acts as manager of the Group through Avril Gestion. The new company has been considered as a financial player in the French sector of vegetable oils and proteins.

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. Institute PIVERT is the first European center developing plant chemistry based on oilseed biomass, collaborating with hundreds of researchers. It first played the role of a financial institution as development bank in the sector   . The Supervisory Board is composed of eight members, six of which represent FIDOP, FOP, and Fondation Avril. Sofiprotéol developed industrial activity through involvement in the management of biodiesel production facilities. Soy, rich in protein, is needed as livestock feed. Biosecurity covers all preventive hygiene methods to minimize the infection and spread of diseases in livestock. Diester is a first-generation biofuel, made from rapeseed and sunflower vegetable oil