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I would recommend anyone that needs their credit repaired to try here first. or sign up online » You can improve your credit score. They had the correct phone number down for me, but never called. Challenge those items with all three bureaus. Removing negative items is one of the ways to increase your credit score. Vicky, Pleased Skeptic When I first signed up, I was a little skeptical and was thinking that maybe this was just going to be a scam. They had the wrong address written down and said I was unemployed. Credit bail immo. Send letters to your creditors, asking them to prove what they’re reporting. I can't say enough positive things about this company.

It was from an emergency room visit while at work.My insurance company informed me yesterday the collections agency will not let them pay the bill and will only accept a cashier's check from me.I called the hospital to see what I could do. Long story short.I found out I was in collections in July for a medical bill. I'm on my way to improved credit.

Haven't been able to pay medical bill, was sent to Medicredit for collections. Need some advice.

. It is worth the time and the money to use this service.

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. *Our average member uses our service for six months, but this is not guaranteed as every credit situation is different. Credit and repair. Apply pressure if necessary. Thank you so much. Credit suisse champel. made me a believer! Charles, Satisfied Recommender I am very pleased with! They made it easier for me to understand my credit and resolved a high percentage of my credit issues. Thank you, you have helped me in rebuilding my credit score. Fill out the following information to find out how much fixing your credit could save you. But our members have seen an average score increase of *Results may vary and are not guaranteed. They told me they reached out to me several times. Every time I called and had a question, they assisted me with answers