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. Since then, it has regularly developed its activities, customer base and network while remaining true to its vocation as a cooperative for legal entities that’s accessible to individual clients.

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. Credit cooperatif toulouse. Crédit coopératif is headquartered in NANTERRE CEDEX. As a cooperative bank, Crédit Coopératif’s capital is held by its customers, which take part in the bank’s activity and strategy. Crédit coopératif is rated by Fitch, Moody's. Crédit Cooperatif is a bank offering a comprehensive range of banking products and services especially to companies and non-profit organizations. De credit et de paiement entreprises en difficultes. It is also a pioneer of solidarity-based finance. These socially responsible products aim to facilitate access to credit and finance to private individuals, SMEs and social economy organisations: non-profit organisations, mutual and cooperative companies.

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. Products and services include: accounts, methods of payment, cash-flow management, processing of international transactions, insurance, savings and investments. Crédit coopératif participates in deposit guarantee scheme of France. Crédit Cooperatif operates nation-wide and is a member of BPCE.

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. As such, it ensures its liquidity and solvency, and Crédit Coopératif also shares its rating. Placement argent credit agricole. Wherever possible, its products include a socially responsible version. Crédit Coopératif provides transparent information about the way money is collected and used within the bank. Crédit Cooperatif is a cooperative bank ownded by its clients and is actively involved in the development of social economy by assisting in creation and development of co-operatives, mutual organisations, small businesses and trade associations