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A depositor has to be content simply with the bank’s promise or undertaking to pay him back whenever he makes a demand. The bank is not a cloak room where you can keep your currency notes or coins and claim those very notes or coins back when you desire. They would, of course, like to make as much profit, like this, as they can. But they cannot go on expanding credit indefinitely. Nationale de credit professionnel. Similarly, the bank buys securities and pays the seller with its own cheque which again is no cash; it is just a promise to pay cash. The cheque is deposited in some bank and a deposit is created or credit is created for the seller of the securities. The bank is able to lend money and charge interest without parting with cash. The bank loan creates a deposit or, as we have seen above, it creates a credit for the borrower. The bank is thus enabled to erect a vast superstructure of credit on the basis of a small cash reserve. De credit interdit bancaire dossier de surendettement. Article Shared by Creation of credit is one of the most outstanding functions of a modern bank.

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. In their own interest, they have to apply the brake and they do actually apply it, for it is well known that the profits made by the banks are not very high. They make profits without investing cash.

This bank is able to do with a very small reserve, because all the depositors do not come to withdraw money simultan­eously; some withdraw, while others deposit at the same time. Let us see what we mean by credit creation, how it is created by the bank and, finally, whether the power of the banks to create credit is unlimited or it is subject to certain limitations. They advance loans or buy securities without actually paying cash. A bank has sometimes been called a factory for the manufacture of credit. Credit creation entreprise. But the amount of cash that a bank may have is such to the control of the Central Bank. It is generally understood that money received by the bank is meant to be advanced to others.

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. The overriding limitation arises from the obligation-of the banks to meet the demands of their depositors. But they earn interest on the loans they give, or earn dividends on the securities they purchase, all the same.

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. It is an open secret that the banks do not keep cent per cent reserve against deposits in order to meet the demands of depositors