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It should be in thousands of crores of misappropriated funds though. Credit et finance. These are generally smaller but reputed Indian CA firms.Now, the amount of work done by the auditors to give their opinion, the scope of audit, audit remunerations, cross-selling services etc can be topic of debates for some other time. If you directly held shares in any of the public/private sector banks, they would've reported a loss on these lendings to ILFS leading to drop in their profits and their share prices. Not to forget these are direct shareholders who will see fall in wealth because of lost value of ILFS and it's subsidiaries. Lenders to ILFS will lose a lot of money too.Multiple Public and Private sector banks are exposed to ILFS and are at risk of not recovering thousands of crores they've lended. Simulation emprunt biarritz. This it is not that ILFS is saying it has lost all money. It was the taxpayers money that the government uses to fund government banks which gives loans to shitty companies who never pay it back and the banks record it as NPA. Maison credit taux plus bas. This makes the Deloitte team a culprit in this mess. But to service it, it does not have the liquidity. They would lend the money for infra project to others which they would receive later on along with interest and some profit depending on the project as shown in the books but in reality these were close to turning bad debts which couldn't be recovered. ILFS group had overall Rs. If your mutual held stakes in ILFS or any of the banks which lended money to ILFS, you've lost money.

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. Juriste credit. EY was bought in as co-auditors only a year ago iirc.

If you held shares in ILFS group companies directly, you were fucked.If you invested in Mutual funds who bought the bonds and securities of ILFS which they defaulted on, you've lost money.

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. Raising new money has become more difficult to service their debts and I feel DHFL is going to die a slow death like Jet airways. rules for the benefit of company directors and third parties. Auditor is appointed by the shareholders and report to the shareholders. These MNC companies offers everything from Auditing to consulting and advisory services for all industries, functions and sectors. Check your mutual funds to see their exposure to IFLS group companies.If you invested in other NBFC companies like I did in DHFL, they've been under lot of pressure and scrutiny. He's kinda not broke but he's not able to make the payment.

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. Credit et finance. Also, just to add auditors are generally not changed by companies so frauds can do undetected for years. Losing money in the share market is on me but indirectly it was because of the whole ILFS fiasco.I'll try to summarize this whole situation in short and simple before it gets too boring and how it affects all of us directly or indirectly. Deloitte engagement team knew about this according to the emails in the linked source above but failed to act.Simple yet effective trick.How all of this affects you -It all leads to loss of investor's and taxpayers money. ILFS said they've got assets and receivables to cover the debt and debt interest but they are unable to realize them and make the payments. Not the best analogy but I think it does convey the point. Credit d impot jeune. An auditors job in simple terms is to give their opinion on whether the financials statements made by the management show a true and fair view of the company