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I had decided to reach out or look into it more if I didn’t get anything within the next month or so when all this went down. It was only checking my credit score that alerted me to the situation. I’m pretty on top of things and in charge of finances as my husband is notoriously bad with money. I am now over the moon to have completed my first car loan!Today I decided to check my score again to see if it had in fact bounced back up. I learned that sometimes a credit score will drop right after a big loan is paid off, but that it will bounce back within a few months.Cue February. This lead to the credit dispute person speaking to her supervisor. A loan account alone will not suffice.So the moral of the story is that despite being extremely financially responsible and doing everything I thought I should be doing - shit happens I guess. Meilleur taux rachat de credit. Where it takes months and months to renew a FOID card despite the only change being that you are a few years older and actually had it updated three years earlier when changing last names. This January I see the car payment come out and read up on paying off an auto loan. Make sure your final loan payment meets all the requirements of the bank and do not assume that auto bill pay ensures that your bill is paid.Side note: this bank also does not send paper OR email OR phone notices when a payment is missed. It turns it that auto bill pay does not necessarily mean that payment is made if the bank has stipulations saying otherwise.Edit: Bank is BMO Harris. So now I’m coming to grips with my “fair” credit score and mostly thankful that I have no major purchases in the near future where my score would be needed.TLDR: make sure your final loan payment does not have to be made via phone or mail. After being up all night with anxiety about the situation I get in contact with the bank this morning. Thanks again for everyone who encouraged me to call back and continue to ask to speak with whoever needed to make this go away. I got the car five years ago and was very excited knowing it would be paid off at the start of this year.

This bank also will not let you set up online banking with them unless you also open a checking account with them.


. It took some transferring around and initially they were going to have me submit some paperwork for review. Perhaps I am naive to the ways of the world, but I thought I’d share my life lesson here for others who might meet the same fate as I.

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. I knew we had one or two payments left on the car so I assumed the final payment was made! Yay! I checked my credit score on credit karma to find that my score dropped some, but it was to be expected. Credit local. She verified and even said this is a recorded call so she is being completely direct with me and not just telling me what I want to hear. This was my first car loan and I had no prior knowledge on the timeframe needed to process a legal document given how long everything else in this state takes. It turns out that this bank ONLY accepts the final payment via phone or mail even with auto bill pay set up