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Other, where the request for refund is not based upon a defect or bug discovered which cannot be corrected/resolved. I help my clients with Credit-Aid Software. Q: My credit report does not contain Spouse information. The Power of Attorney letter is included in our larger professional versions. Q: I didn't receive my activation letter.or my time ran out. If you have a Windows computer you'll want to buy the Windows version. The easy step by step DIY guide to successfully restore your own credit. This is not a web based or subscription service. Buying one version does not include the other version. It is simple to use and effective. You have greater success if by paper mail.

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. A: If it says DEMO DEMO, that is NOT the Credit-Aid Full Version program. Thank you for a wonderful and reasonably priced product!" Noe Longoria, Loan Officer San Jose, CA "Great services.great software, this application will help many people to work faster and better with their credit. If you're asking this question, you probably should be looking at professional credit repair business software and professional resources. Q: I have a desktop, a laptop, and several other computers in my office. We do make credit-aid software, but we do not sell it. Please consult with an attorney in your specific state to confirm this. We also have our credit repair blog. You cannot add more names, you cannot delete them. Clients are so grateful they often give me referrals. Credit suisse bond fund. It is being used and enjoyed by thousands of happy customers. They do not maintain combined files for spouses. They will have their own support staff to help you. Our software gives you all the tools you need to handle the process and it is a tremendous time saver. We simply provide the link to their site or to print a letter. We are too busy selling our own and insuring customer satisfaction. Our software is for automating the dispute letter process. However, laws can vary from state to state. Q: I bought a copy of Credit-Aid, but my computer crashed. Q: I want to use this for clients. What you have is only the free Demo, and you must completely uninstall the demo prior to installing and running the full-version. We made sure to create this kit with our customers in mind so that they can easily understand each step.  This kit has everything to get you started and also to continue your credit restoration as long as you like. A Canadian version my be in the works soon, but for the moment, it takes all the hours in the day to improve our own American version. Links to this information are displayed on every page in our web site. If you have a Mac computer you'll want to buy the mac version. "So far it has proven to be a very useful and easy to navigate program. Please click the link on the top of the page. University Place, WA "A bad credit score can negatively impact a person's ability to obtain a decent mortgage. Experian credit check. We also truly want to help people. Barrera Riverside, CA "Credit-Aid is the best choice for price, capabilities, ease of use, and informative without the superfluous legalese.a Superior product!" Jeffery R. In the unlikely event that you experience any difficulties whatsoever with Credit Aid, our support team wants to hear from you. We do provide links for easy to access credit scores, but please understand that we have no affiliation with the credit bureaus. If you do not see your activation letter in your SPAM or BULK email folders. We are not in the credit report business. If you're helping clients or running a business you need professional credit repair business software. Q: I am a Mortgage Broker and I want to be able to help my clients with their credit. To see how easy it is, you can watch the video tour, download a free demo. Credit scores however, usually must be purchased. There are no monthly or ongoing fees. Misunderstanding use of the Software. "Home-user" software is only for home-users. This exact system is what our company has used to successfully restore our client's credit.

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. Therefore, your credit report is separate and different from your spouse's. Legal dispute letter templates are included. Q: Help! I can't download my Credit Reports from the Credit Bureau web site! A: We're not affiliated with any credit bureaus. If you did not receive your activation letter, first please look in your SPAM or BULK email folder. Buy with Confidence! Refund Policy Improper use of Software. If you are Canadian and need help with. Credit repair kit. To be honest, we do not pay attention to other company’s products. It is allowing me to regain my credit scores and take charge of my finances again. However, we're sure that your score will indeed increase. If you have downloaded the entire file it should install perfectly.If for any reason this does not work, for fulfillment support contact the company you purchased your software from click here. If you have difficulty in ordering credit reports, contact the credit report provider. That's what we do and we do it extremely well. Any transaction you make with a bureau or a credit report service is between you and them. Errors are easiest to remove. We invented credit repair software over a decade ago. To contact the company you purchased your software from click here. If you've bought a Windows version and later on decide to switched to a mac, you will need to buy Mac software.

Credit Repair Dispute Letter - Free Credit Repair Kit.

. I am truly grateful to the people who made this program available." Ray H. Q: I have paid for Credit-Aid Software and received my Registration/Activation Code, but when I try to enter my activation code into the program, it just says DEMO DEMO and I can't enter in the code. It is also displayed and agreed to during product installation as part of the End User License Agreement. That's where they sometimes end up, because spam filters also can filter out important mail. We are the originator and the number-one seller of consumer and professional credit repair software in the world. It was written by attorneys to address dispute items, negotiate with creditors and keep it all organized. Unwanted Software upon or after Purchase.

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. Accurate negative items can often be removed, as well, but they take a bit more finesse.

The software has been triple quality assurance checked at every level. This usually occurs when trying to "retype" the name and code we sent