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It is HIGHLY recommended that all Credit Suisse staff who work remotely at any time request, download, and install the CS Mobile applications on their personal mobile devices. The Speed Test performs generic internet connection tests from your device. On your Mac computer open Finder, from menu click Go then Applications. You must use an RSA token or the RSA mobile app. If prompted, enter Username and Password and click ok. If you do not have BlackBerry Access on your device, you will need to come into your Credit Suisse office and visit the IT Café to have your issue remediated. Banque credit agricole alpes provence. A poor download speed will have a direct impact on the quality of your MyDesk experience, especially audio and video content. – Follow the steps outlined below to uninstall MyDesk Shield from your Mac computer.

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. Make note of your test results, and return to this page. Midi cgi bin emcgi appl t3sid83.

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. Credit suisse london. Within ‘Control Panel’ window click on Programs > Programs and Features. The quality of your MyDesk experience is defined by the latency of the network connection. Poor upload speed will have a direct impact on the quality of your MyDesk experience. The chart below categorizes the quality of your internet based on the ping results. With poor Ping results, you may experience slow responsiveness between your home machine and Credit Suisse iDesktop, i.e. The chart below outlines the quality of your internet based on your upload speed results. Download credit card validator.. Results in this range will provide you with a fair MyDesk experience, but Skype audio call quality may be poor and you could experience some disruptions. Click the ‘Desktop Viewer’ icon from the task bar to return to your MyDesk desktop session. Then select ‘MyDesk’ and click ‘Uninstall/Install’ option. The chart below outlines the quality of your internet based on your download speed results. Speed Test Results Chart Please do not be alarmed if your upload speed value is much lower than your download speed, this is an expected result. You may also transmit poor audio and video quality during Skype sessions. Click ‘Uninstall’ to the message to start uninstall of MyDesk Shield. If your connection provided by the ISP is described with parameters below “Fair” thresholds: Contact your internet service provider to upgrade your service to a higher download speed.

You don’t have the bandwidth to support a MyDesk session. A Message will pop up stating 'MyDesk was uninstalled successfully'. Credit suisse london. BlackBerry Access is part of the productivity suite of applications known as CS Mobile. You may see poor responsiveness of mouse movements and keystrokes. Once uninstall has completed you can choose to restart your PC now or restart manually later. This indicates how quickly content is transferred to your computer over the internet. Double click Uninstall MyDesk. If you are unable to find the uninstall file then you can download it from this link. you may see delays in mouse movements and keystrokes. Your network conditions for connecting are good, and should support a stable and responsive MyDesk session along with a good Skype audio experience. * Physical smart cards are not supported. It does not evaluate the network condition for the connection to Credit Suisse infrastructure. Click Yes to Uninstall MyDesk message.

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