Credit trans union

I attempted to locate the information of those paid bills. There was a long line behind me and I wanted things to be over with so I took the pamphlet, clothes, and receipt and left. Experian says they're a data company and to get legal advice. Then once everything was said and done she handed me a pamphlet that clearly said Credit Card with info about it. I explained I have already paid those amount in the past.

Medical Debt Collection on a already paid amount

. From what I read they are a Junk collector. Called Customer Service about it and they said I was signed up for the credit card and to check with TransUnion about it before canceling it to see if it would negatively impact my credit. I just have parents who weren't the best at managing finances so credit cards scare me.

I asked again, "this says credit card on it" and she said it wasn't. I clearly told her I did not want a credit card and then she told me that it wasn't a credit card, I wouldn't receive a bill, I could pay with my debit card and then I'd get the discount and it would go away. Toutes maison credit.. TransUnion said they have no info on it and to check with Experian and Equifax. I asked several times throughout the transaction whether it was a credit card and she said no each time. Short version of the story. I think I'll hang on to it since it's already paid off. I went to a big department store today and the cashier was very pushy about the credit card. During this time, I went through a separation and paperwork and accounts were kind of lost to the whole thing. Credit trans union.

credit karma is showing 5 hard inquiries for trans union all 3-5 yeard old