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I originally thought the villains would have a hard time but I was way wrong!The drop off points were a really neat mechanic but I was bummed more did not happen with them. Apply balance card credit transfer. If redpoemage had shown up as evil twice and a hero once he probably would have been lynched. That didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. The villains had the massive disadvantage of no private sub, but they did have the drop offs and a lot of leeway regarding the roles: they could basically claim anything since no roles were “confirmed”. These were meant to put people off relying on a seer’s results, and get them to think about whose behaviour was suspicious. I had completely forgotten that a normal doctor can be killed, and this couldn’t. It was very unfortunate that the two Seers ended up clashing, but the coordination that followed was very effective… one teensy red detail notwithstanding.The game had a lot of cool mechanics that were fun to observe.

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. So, I had the idea of giving people different superpowers and letting them come up with their own name for the flavour text. But not for long!”A remote control was in his hand, and he pressed a button on it.Then from behind a bush, the lawnmower came. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. But I would say the second thing was pretty successful: making the seer’s results unreliable. I thought of it as a doctor role, when in reality it was a doctor with immortality. This gave me the opportunity to use the drop off point mechanic, which I had thought of long ago, but never gotten around to using. I liked how they played out, even if I had been hoping for people to get the puzzles. It was nice for the villains to have phases where it was unlikely anyone would be protected. Y’all totally could have used that to make up a code or something for use in the main thread, or share more info. It was a little unfortunate that HWWWW in May did a pretty similar thing with their Game C, but I still decided to go ahead with it.. The main problem is that they were far more useful than I counted when balancing. I’d hoped for things happening like the last person to visit doing a summary of the important points first thing in the next phase, but that was impossible when not everyone visited every phase. But it was a good game, people had fun, I saw a new side to the game and I think we can all walk away happily and totally not throwing tomatoes at Pezes. Since I was evil in that game I had a certain amount of empathy for the villains. I think it gave me some neat ideas for roles and mechanics.


. I think it worked very well.I won’t go into much detail on the superpowers, but I will say that one of the things I hate most is when a seer can’t be killed so goes around confirming people until they catch the wolves. Firstly, the rescue missions, since that was a bit random and villains could win them. That is incredibly hard to achieve and I am impressed as can be. Next thing the Icicle knew he had a hedge trimmer in his hand and it was moving towards his throat.Soon crimsonpoemage stood over the Icicle’s dead body.“And then there was one. But while games with a lot of variables can be confusing, I think they’re also the most fun ones. Plus, it would have added a lot more work for me. Two things were meant to combat that. Turns out spectating with inside knowledge is a whole different WW experience!I’m not very well-versed in issues of balance, but since this game turned out to be INCREDIBLY CLOSE, I think it could’ve gone either way. Tinfoil theories! Pun opportunities! A rhyming contest!! Oh the humanity. For those who don’t know, it was a game where the evil team had no sub, and. The other seven were because of the Death Inducers dying, the attacks targeting the person who was lynched, and one perfectly timed save by a member of the Just Us League.Now onto the next topic: rescue missions.

I was originally thinking of making up my own characters, like in Alpine Terror, but eventually decided there would be too many roles, too many new names for people to remember, and it would make people be less invested in the game. I’d like to thank my shadows for any help they provided behind the scenes, and being there to talk to. That move to tie the lynch was amazing.CLICK THIS LINK for the Mission SpreadsheetCLICK THIS LINK for the Master SpreadsheetThe ghost sub is now open!And finally, if you have any questions about anything, now’s your chance to ask them!. There were soooo many moments when I was reading the discussion or the confessionals and just desperately wanted to get in on all the fun. It’s easy to say “the villains only won because they were lucky”. The game went back and forth so much that I also applaud his ability to balance. I also really liked the sidekick idea. I am far from that chill but I now have a new barometer for how to handle stuff as it comes up.Y’all played great, but I will leave most of that to my comments on confessionals. They were a CLICK THIS LINK to view the lynch votes.The villains have won!So! The game’s finally over. Seeing those real time was superbly entertaining. I hope you all found the balance to be somewhere between “too easy for your team” and “too hard for your team” since that’s quite a difficult thing to get right.

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. Even better, his general outlook on how to facilitate was neat to see. Those were the basic ideas.Then came the roles. I loved how the roles were named for powers, letting everyone choose their own superhero name. Ultimately, it’s part of what the game came down to, and why the villains won. And thank you all for playing, and making it an exciting game to watch!This was such a great game to shadow! I loved the mechanics when I started learning about them.and was then reminded of just how bad I am at picture puzzles.

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. Get hype!SuperlativesBest confessionals: wiksry - For some really great roleplay. This has certainly been a rollercoaster ride, with the team I was rooting for changing every few phases, and it being so close near the end. And to some extent that is true. And soon I’ll be the only one left!”The Icicle charged towards him, ready to end the villains for good.But crimsonpoemage was quicker. Good game, everyone!PS: The new Werewolf Musical is going to be about December’s Disney game. So I think it was a mistake to have rescue missions continue for the whole game.Final thing in this section: Luck. I have to credit pez - I think this is the first game in a while that I didn’t see any mistakes happen in posts. The puzzles were hella hard but you guys put a great effort in them! There were quite a bit of diverse powers flying left and right and sometimes it was pretty tough to untangle them by the end of the phase. The next thing I decided was that I didn’t want the villains to be able to collaborate on the missions as it would be too much of an advantage when the Doctor was really meant to be a town role, so I made it a game with no private sub. Which leads me to my final point…While shadowing was a real cool experience, I think I prefer playing. So I didn’t really know what shadows are or do as I signed up. I always seem to forget how long hosting goes on for, since I’m often one of the first to die when playing. Credits gmf. Credit agricole provence cote dazur