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The link provides the details: Important Footnote: "Determining need from CSS profile/finaid applications is NOT a deterministic process. These will only partially cover the tuition, room and board costs. University of Miami International Students, tough not considered for need-based aid, are considered for an academic scholarship have significant academic achievement. Try not to think of fancy plated dishes, instead think of large amounts of soups, stews and porridge. Haverford Collegee does not have a merit aid or scholarships.

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. Engagement credit de paiement. All applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. LouisTheir five undergraduate divisions-the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Architecture, College of Art, Olin Business School, and School of Engineering & Applied Science-sponsor scholarships and fellowships for exceptional students. California Institute of Technology Caltech has need-based financial aid available for international freshman candidates. Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University offers need-based scholarships to undergraduate international students. Their primary function was as an ingredient in other dishes, such as Burgoo and Lobscouse.- Salted Meats: Salting meat is a time-honored, ancient tradition of preserving meats for long-term storage. But once the stockfish was beaten with a blunt instrument and soaked for a few hours it gave the sailors access to fresh fish meat if none was around to catch for themselves. And of course you can't talk sailors without talking rum. Then you removed the meat and bones from the broth and let it sit before sifting out the fats and oils that rose to the top. The idea behind it was that fresh bread and even stored flour would get rancid and bug ridden in no time at all, so instead they found a way to bake their flour into a small, dense cake that was far tougher for bugs to gain access to. On top of that, some ships would even keep live animals on board specifically for slaughter when the crew needed some extra meat.

They do offer full scholarships to international applicants, however they are very competitive. This is a competitive scholarship that is only awarded to one international student of the fall incoming class. Though maggots did sometimes still get into them so sailors might have had to pick a few bugs out of their bisket before consuming it. Essentially you took your salt beef and bisket, chop them up and throw them in the pot to stew. And this watered down rum became known as 'grog', which was always well received by the men during mealtimes. Northwestern University Northwestern offers need-based financial aid awards to a small group of first-year international students. If the cook was feeling fancy he might have pan fried the meat first before putting it in the cauldron, but that was entirely optional.Some other typical foods that might have been aboard ship would be oatmeal, flour, suet and vinegar. Students selected to receive a President's Scholarship will be notified no later than the end of March by the Office of Admission. It can vary depending on the interpretation a LOT. If it is helpful, I have included a copy of the form for you to review. Otherwise feel free to pick from this list of foods as you see fit, and hopefully it'll add some extra 'flavor' to your story. Bryan Athyn College With regard to financial aid for international students, the whole process is centered around College Board’s Certification of Finances form. Each application will be automatically reviewed for merit based scholarship. Merit scholarships are awarded to students during the admission process and renewed annually if satisfactory academic performance and full time status are maintained. However, it was impossible to eat salted meats straight out the barrel, they were simply too salty to be edible. Fairfield University Need-based financial aid is available to students. Students will be automatically considered for any merit-based scholarships on the basis of their admission application. Oatmeal and flour were useful for the first month of sailing before the cook had to dig into the ship's bisket, and suet and vinegar were used for flavoring and attaining proper consistencies with their dishes.

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. However, they are committed to fully funding their only very top international applicants. They do not offer merit, athletic, or talent based aid to students. Important footnote :** This list was not created by me. The College can provide funding for only three international students per class who have need. Haverford College It provides financial aid to International students but the number of international students it can help is limited. Instead it was first mixed with water then given to the crew for consumption, thereby lengthening its shelf life. Engagement credit de paiement. Luckily our bodies can handle vinegar just fine, and some foods are actually pretty tasty once pickled. For this scholarship, students must submit the Trustee Essay. The information has been collected by e-mailing each and every university individually. The result was a whole cod, complete with skin and bones, perfectly preserved for long-term storage. This gave the meat a near indefinite shelf life so long as it was stored in a dry environment. Once that's done the broth will have reduced down into a thin gelatin that could be broken up and stored in cloth until needed. International students may be considered for some limited scholarship awards, but the only full cost of attendance award they provide is a competitive award that students must apply to separately. In essence it's a porridge that preferred to use oatmeal, but bisket would do if necessary. Awards range from several thousand dollars to the full annual cost of attendance. These include merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, and private education loans. They just boiled up the oatmeal or crushed bisket until it was thickened up, then they'd flavor it with molasses to help prevent scurvy. No additional application process is required. Eggs and meats didn't tend to keep as long as vegetables, but you could still get a few months of use out of them if you were careful.- Potatoes: The old stereotype of the cabin boy peeling potatoes is about as true as it could get.

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. Because of its price it wasn't given out in its pure form as a ration. University of Southern California Although International students will not qualify for need-based financial aid if he/she are not a US citizen or permanent resident, he/she may be eligible for merit scholarships. It is a merit scholarship based on academic achievement. The taste would be slightly different, but the texture and consistency would still be the same.- Stockfish: Stockfish was the result of a unique method of fish preservation done in the Nordic countries. Global Scholars with greater levels of financial need will be awarded additional grant funds, in varying amounts based on need, to help with room and board, books and supplies, health insurance, and travel expenses. Raisins were preferred as they dried out more easily and you could fit more of them into the same container, but other fruits could have been kept just as easily if the Captain was so inclined. Michigan Technological Institute  Michigan Tech does offer a scholarship for international students.It is called the International Ambassador Scholarship. However the sugars inside the fruits were attractive to rats and insects, so dried fruits would have been some of the first preserved foods to be used up. Universities which guaranteed to meet the full calculated need of each and every accepted student are in this list. To make it the people of Norway would take freshly gutted cod up to the colder climes to let it dry out in the sun on giant racks. The real credit goes to Saraf Nawar. Washington University in St. Students will not be able to pay for the full amount of their educational expenses by working while they are in the United States. The end result was an extremely dense disc of edible 'bread' that could be consumed for sustenance on long journeys. Villanova University Many financial assistance opportunities exist for international students. Rum, like most liquors, stores well for years on end. Anything that wasn't cooked in the cauldron would have been a special treat for the crew and cause for celebration. Students are eligible to receive only one scholarship. Typical meats to be salted were red meats like pork, beef and venison, whereas poultry was just a bit too flimsy to survive the salting process. University of Rochester Applicants seeking need-based financial aid are required to file the CSS PROFILE. In addition they offer a presidential scholarship that does cover full tuition, room and board; however, students are still responsible for additional fees. If you're a stickler for historical accuracy then I suggest you do some research into medieval preservation techniques, as those techniques would have been readily adopted by sailors of the time. Emory University Emory College offers need-based financial aid awards to a select group of international students each year. Since funds are limited, Johns Hopkins University takes need for financial aid into consideration when making the Admissions decision. Northeastern UniversityThe Merit Scholarships available here are very competitive but International Students are certainly eligible for them. Brandeis University  Need-based financial aid is available to International students. The crew may have gotten additional flavor from some added 'slush', which was all the drippings and fats that rose to the top when boiling meats. Lobscouse is basically shorthand for 'stew', and it was another way to make use of the ship's bisket. In addition peas were easy to dry out and keep in long term storage, so they were a staple food aboard ships as well.- Pickled Foods: Pickling is another time-honored tradition of food preservation. Often regarded with extreme distaste as they were intentionally tasteless and so tough that they actually couldn't be eaten in their bisket form. Below is a list of some of the foods and dishes that sailors had access to that they might have brought with them for long voyages. The College of William & MaryNote: Though Need-based Financial Aid is not available to International students, there are a few merit scholarships and athletic scholarships for which International students are eligible. Admission for international students seeking financial aid is very competitive. International freshman candidates may apply Early Action only if they are not applying for financial aid. These cakes, when baked and stored properly, could last up to a year or more in storage. They will then review the Certification of Finances form and package financial aid based off the information provided. Once that was done though a sailor could have access to essentially fresh meat months after it was brought on board without any trouble at all. In essence it was the first known case of freeze drying food.

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. The amount of funding they have to make financial aid awards to international students is very small, allowing them to award only a few students each year. The process is simple, just put layers of meat and salt into a barrel, fill it with a brine solution and let it sit to allow the salt to soak into the meat. Potatoes could store very easily as long as they were dried out properly, they were kept dry by layering them between dry straw, and keeping the dirt on them after they were first harvested. As you might imagine, the competition for these few spots is very keen, and the aid we provide is all based on financial need. The decision is based on a holistic review of the application. Soaking your foods in vinegar kept them from rotting out due to mold, and the high vinegar content was a natural deterrent to vermin of all kinds. It wasn't so easy to prepare though, as you had to constantly watch it to make sure it didn't burn. And once cooked properly the awful stockfish smell apparently went away and all you were left with was fresh fish meat to cook to your preference.- Beer/Rum: Beer keeps well in dark, room temperature environments. Occidental College The financial aid for international students is very limited and therefore very competitive. Cornell University provides need-based financial aid on a limited basis to a selected number of admitted international students who have applied for financial aid. Throw in any veggies and spices you happened to have and voila, lobscouse. Credit agricole zola commerce. You had to first soak the salted meats in fresh water for at least two hours to actually draw out the salt from the meat before it could be prepared. By the beginning of April, the Admission Office picks three students to receive Haverford College Aid from the pool of international students admitted from the Regular Decision pool who have applied for financial aid and have need. Then you take the filtered broth and put that back on the fire to let it simmer for almost a full which is where the actual work comes in. Pret credit. Please follow this link to learn about the specifications of each scholarship