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We've shared this information with our developers and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the application. I saw when reading the one-star reviews of the new update that this has happened to others. That goes for app support as well. Thanks Navy Fed, keep up the great work! The app was very well designed.before the update As a software engineer the application was probably the best mobile application I have ever used. Plus since it would only allow me to manually enter the biller as a person instead of a company, there is no field for account number. Developer Response Hi Tillettm! Thank you for reviewing our app, we really appreciate your insightful feedback. This is the first time this had ever happened to me, due to paying off a fairly large bill that was listed as paid before I paid other bills.

But the amount of things you can do in this app is incredible. Everything had a purpose and seemed to be deliberately placed with ease of use in mind. Credit d impot dividende. You CANNOT TRUST THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE APP, including balance. The UI is intuitive and is fairly easy to maneuver around in. There have been times where we have needed help and just being able to call in and talk to an actual human being goes a long long way. The balance IS NOT ACCURATE!! After nearly two decades as an NFCU member, and believing in the accuracy of my balance and posted transactions, I got hit with two overdraft fees when an amount that allegedly “posted” to my account had not. Tried to enter the bill as a person instead and when I had to enter the phone number I mis-typed the first digit. The system would not let me backspace over the mis-typed first digit. I currently belong to two credit unions - The one I grew up using and then most recently Navy Federal. Des credits d investissement dans les banques. Well optimized, snappy, and most of all, unbelievably well designed.that was until this last update. In addition, the app has lost functionality. This app is loaded with resources that help you in the app as well as redirect you to their website for more information. . Frustrating to use and inaccurate information Updating this after reading other reviews. But it no longer has the option to enter the biller manually if it can’t find the biller. It’s now very frustrating. Keep in mind, for most of us, this is our main means of interaction with this bank. A lot of changes were made that seem to serve no real positive feedback for the consumer. Navy federal’s customer service far surpasses all my and my wife’s expectations. Navy federal credit. Please watch for future releases with improvements to features and functionality. It was simple, intuitive, and easy to use, which is exactly what you want. The previous design, from a human computer interaction stand point, was very near perfect.

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. We will just say a couple things non app related but are essential to say.

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. Had to completely cancel everything and re-enter all the information before I could save the biller.

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. Making changes as drastic as this is jarring and can be pretty detrimental to your customers. On the website this is an option which obviously is helpful - I think that the user experience could greatly benefit from having this ability. Tried to add a biller and it tells me it can’t find the biller and suggests I enter it manually