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Many businesses end up paying thousands of dollars per year to cover the costs of accepting credit cards and debit cards.

“Free” equipment poses as no contract credit card processing, but even equipment can have a leasing term. It’s a common strategy by unethical processors to raise rates throughout the contract term.

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. If you’d like a no contract credit card processing plan that saves you money and has your best interest in mind, click here.

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. Like fixed and automatic renewal contracts, you cannot leave these without a hefty termination fee. Emploi credit lyonnais. Emprunt immobilier comparaison. Creation de carte de credit visa truque. We’ve found that customers rarely have a problem covering this cost, and those who do typically just choose to pay in cash rather than use their card, which is also beneficial to your company. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Credit finances. No credit card merchant account. In today’s modern economy, it would be impossible to stay in business if you don’t accept these payment methods so you may think that this is just one of those costs of business you have to absorb. You can often buy the necessary equipment outright for a few hundred dollars without being stuck in this kind of contract. The termination fee is usually to buyout the remaining number of months on the contract…in full! If that weren’t bad enough, at the end of the lease you’ll be required to return the equipment. No credit card merchant account. No contract credit card processing is a promise very few processing companies can offer. This is paid for by the customers rather than by the merchants.