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Discounts are available for service members. Through National High School’s Learn Center, students can access course syllabi, assignments, exams, and instructional guidelines, as well as interact with teachers and other students through dedicated chatrooms, email, and message boards. LUOA is also recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a member institution of the Virginia Council for Private Education. Oak Meadow School also offers credit recovery. Accreditations: AdvancED, ACSI. The online program at Clonlara School is an educational option for students who are looking for ready-to-go courses. The school serves high school age and adult students worldwide who want to supplement their high school education and/or earn a full high school diploma. Need to know: The school seeks to keep a low student-teacher ratio. Not only does Excel High School provide fully online courses, but the school also provides all course materials on its online portal, making it unnecessary to order or ship physical textbooks. In addition, all students participate in the unique, four-year-long Journeys Symposium. Park City Independent also offers a self-paced adult high school program. Discount/payment plans: Various discounts for siblings, children of military personnel, early enrollment, or early decision. Students are up against tough competition for admission to the program. The Keystone School students receive the advantage of interactive lessons, one-on-one teacher consultation, a resource library, and technical support. Students are encouraged to take Advanced Placement classes and equipped to do so through initiatives and resources such as Summer AP boot camp, an AP Coordinator, and an assigned faculty AP Mentor. Students may choose between three programs: the Diploma Program, the Diploma PLUS Program, and the Diploma PLUS with Math Tutoring Program. Students can pursue courses or a certification program through The Ogburn School’s Academy of Environmental Studies, which the founders established because of their passion for environmental stewardship and conservation. In addition to their online curriculum, AOA offers print-based options with LIFEPAC and Horizons. In this concentration, students explore their interest in the environment through the study of conservation philosophy and methodology, including a focus on sustainable communities. Classes taken over the Internet, through accredited institutions, can enhance private educational programs and offer non-traditional students means to earn credits that may not otherwise be available to them. Each pathway has its own set of requirements for graduation, such as number of credits, required GPA, and SAT/ACT score. The Acknowledgement of Achievement is designed for the student who has a background or diagnosis of below average learning abilities. The school also has a thriving National Honor Society program. For each student at Clonlara School, a personalized educational path, based on the student’s goals, strengths, and interests, is developed by school advisors, teachers, parents, mentors, and the student. Accreditations: AdvancED Adult learners accepted. Credentials earned at Excel High School are also designed to meet requirements for entry-level employment and prepare graduates to join the military under tier one preferred status. Students may earn up to four credits towards their diploma through this program. Discount/payment plans: The school gives the option to pay in full or pay half down and the remainder over a ten-month period. Discount/payment plan: One free course after every five courses for students who maintain a B average or higher. Students are, however, limited to the number of courses they may register for in a term and in the overall program to ensure the focus remains on graduating high school successfully. Need to know: Many core classes at International Virtual Learning Academy are NCAA-approved. NorthStar Academy offers many different start dates and operates year round. Other payment options include monthly auto pay or monthly bill pay. Parents and students can access the Advisor System, which offers assistance in course and program selections as well as college exploration and application. Discounts and payment plans: The Tuition Payment Plan allows you to spread the tuition payments over a period of six months. Students can pursue self-paced courses through two different tracks; students may choose from either a college prep track, with AP courses, or a career track high school diploma. The College Prep high school diploma track requires foreign language classes and that half of the program credits are specified rigorous-level courses. Accreditations: MSA-CESS, AdvancED, DEAC, Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Adult learners accepted. For many independently taught students, online high school credit courses serve as supplementary sources for academic achievement. With courses in Art History, Mythology, Mississippi Writers, and World Religions, UMHS offers an interesting array of classes in its college prep curriculum. The general high school curriculum includes coursework in applied technologies, such as computer science, business/career, and consumer science. CEA offers counseling services in guidance, career, and college planning.

The Career Pathway incorporates basic skills and knowledge with viable career preparation. Mother of Divine Grace School offers a Catholic, classical approach to schooling. The school also offers credit recovery for students retaking courses or who seek to advance in a subject area. Online high school credit. Discount/payment plans: Contact the school to see if you qualify for a discount. Sevenstar also offers flexible credit recovery courses. They can set up study time with local students or talk via the Web, using cameras and chat programs. Accreditations: ACSI, AdvancEd. Discount/payment plans: The school offers nonprofit, school, military, and sibling discounts and four options for payment plans. Monthly payment plans available. Need to know: The only elective available online is Digital Journalism. Both contain the same high academic level core courses. The courses offered include standard courses, electives, and AP courses. Students may enroll at any time and choose from four different courses of study: honors, college prep, general, and vocational. NUVHS also offers dual credit through the UC system and through National University, credit recovery, and NCAA-approved classes. Contact the school to learn more about payment plans. The school holds an in-person, live graduation ceremony every year at its headquarters in Morgantown, WV. Courses contain asynchronous readings, activities, assessments, and videos, as well as live sessions conducted by the teacher at preset times. Counselors are available to assist with planning a pathway to a diploma. All courses are self-paced and students many enroll at any time. The school also offers AP and Honors courses. Students can enroll for one credit, for a semester, or for an entire high school program that lets them finish their diplomas. Forest Trail Academy subscribes to the educational philosophy of personalized learning and is committed to offering an educational foundation that will serve students pursuing higher education and those entering a career path. Oak Meadow School also accepts transfer credit from CYTOnline, dual enrollment music credits through Berklee College of Music Online, and science credit for Cornell’s challenging home study course, Ornithology: Comprehensive Bird Biology. Discount/payment plans: Reduced rates for students of missionary families as well as pastor’s families. Students can benefit from a full range of guidance services, including college planning and a Student Success Coach to help ensure a smooth transition to online learning. Louis office or with one of their partner alternative schools around the country. Thus, programs at SHCOHS are aimed at adults or non-traditional students who need to finish high school courses so that they can move forward professionally. Discount/payment plans: The school offers three different payment plans. Successful completion of coursework qualifies students to receive an official high school transcript and a letter of completion upon meeting program requirements. If students live near the school’s campus in Orange, California, they also have the option of participating in a blended schedule, allowing them to take four classes at the school and three online. Each program offers a General Studies track and a College Prep track. Students in this program will be educated through curriculum recommended by special education professionals or curriculum chosen by their parents. There is a strong focus on college preparation, and students meet monthly with a personal coach to guide them along the college selection, readiness, and application process. Students and teachers can share information with shareable desktops and whiteboards, as well as a chat feature as they meet together.

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. With online classes, students can gain interactive social time with other peers across the nation. Discount/payment plans: Semester, quarterly, and monthly payment options are available.

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. While all interested students can benefit from The American Academy, the school has a particular interest area in helping students who struggle in traditional school environments. Research shows that, with the right curriculum, both of these methods can be highly effective. Online high school credit. Park City Independent Park City Independent is an online high school open to students of all ages within the US and around the world. Traditional students and adult learners can both enroll in the high school diploma program on a year-round, rolling basis. Additional programs and initiatives offered are as follows: adult diploma completion programs, at-risk programming assistance, homeschooling courses, and summer school. National High School’s curriculum offers a strong foundation and was developed internally with the assistance of SACS and the Georgia Department of Education. Paid-in-full and military discounts are available. Laurel Springs School delivers instruction through a series of asynchronous courses. Students may also take courses for credit recovery while working towards the diploma. In fact, as long as students master the course work, they will be awarded credit for the course. Licensed teachers and advisors support students in achieving their educational goals. Whitmore School graduates have attended some of the best colleges and universities in the United States and throughout the world. Course options include AP, honors, special topics, and NCAA-eligible classes. Teachers are also available through chat during online office hours. Credit agricole 24 charente perigord. The team will work with your family to ensure that your child’s academic plan is created with attention to UC standards. Discount applies to all self-paid military dependent enrollments. Accreditations: SACS CASI, AdvancED, NCAA-Approved. In addition, IVLA elective courses are designed to let students experience a wide range of life learning experiences to earn elective credit. The school also provides an ACT review class for secondary students through their junior year. All of NorthStar's Enriched Virtual Program courses are NCAA approved, and the Academy has a thriving National Honor Society program. Need to know: MODG provides a Special Services Program as a supplement to their Teacher Review Program to help families who have children with special needs. Discount/payment plans: Payment plans are available. While the school welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds, they have a strong focus on helping adult learners obtain their high school diplomas. The BYU Independent Study High School Program offers AP classes in Biology and Psychology. IVLA welcomes adult learners; in fact, the school offers an entire Adult High School online program specifically for non-traditional students. Oaks Christian Online High School Oaks Christian School is a college preparatory, Christian school located in Westlake Village, CA. Students may enroll and begin courses at any time, and all course material is delivered online, optimizing flexibility for students and their families. Discount/payment plans: Contact the school to learn more about discounts and scholarships