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            User Videos Viral Videos Topic: PM Imran Khan Import. Topic: Mian Mansha met and. Topic: Former President Asi. Topic: Nawaz Sharif Nay Imr. S&P expects the government to continue its reform agenda and retain key economic targets while maintaining macroeconomic stability, reducing fiscal and external vulnerabilities and promoting growth supporting reforms. The rating agency noted that it “may raise ratings on Pakistan if the country’s security environment settles to an extent that economic growth continues to trend higher, strengthening the country’s fiscal and external positions”. Indications of this would include GDP growth below our forecast, or external or fiscal imbalances higher than what we expected, it added.

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. Topic: Asif Ali Zardari enj. The interest expense consumes nearly a third of government revenue, partly a function of its narrow tax base.

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. “We have revised downward our expectation of Pakistan’s external performance due to the surge in imports,” stated the report. Business on Facebook, @TribuneBiz on Twitter to stay informed and join in the conversation. Topic: Arif Nizami Take Cla.

Rachat credit perpignan 66. This stronger growth projection reflects large scale investments taking place under CPEC in energy and infrastructure sectors of the economy. Inadequate infrastructure, mainly in transportation and energy, acts as further bottlenecks to foreign direct investments. It also said that Pakistan’s interest-servicing burden has reduced but remains extremely heavy as a share of fiscal revenue. Former governor of the State Bank of Pakistan Dr Ishrat Husain also said last week that the central bank should have sleepless nights due to weakening debt repayments capacity. However, the agency has downward revised its expectations for better fiscal and external account performance. Bond investments in B-rated countries are considered highly speculative that yield good returns for investors. Topic: Executive Karachi La. Topic: Government removes M. Pakistan credit analysis. The S&P said that the ratings on Pakistan remain constrained by a narrow tax base and domestic and external security risks, which continue to be high. Code banque du credit lyonnais.

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. Affirmation of Pakistan’s rating says economic prospects remain favourable and external and fiscal metrics of the country will not worsen materially from their current level, said the Ministry of Finance on Monday while welcoming the rating agency’s decision. It said that Pakistan suffers from domestic security challenges and long-lasting hostility with neighboring India and Afghanistan. The S&P said that although CPEC was a decade-long initiative, the bulk of the capital goods imports happen in the first three years. Pakistan’s ratio of tax revenue to GDP remains one of the lowest among sovereigns. Topic: PM Imran Khan Entry. The S&P – one of the top three credit rating agencies of the world – has retained Pakistan’s long and short-term rating at B, while taking a stable long-term view of the country’s economy..

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. These factors weaken the government’s effectiveness and weigh on the business climate, it added