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I’ve had THE TALK with him about my needs multiple times.

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. Hot headed, short sighted, selfish. We didn’t otherwise celebrate it.Again, I truly don’t believe that he actively wants to hurt me just that he is immature and selfish. For years he told me that I “hog the bed”. I just recently realized that my butt cheeks are literally right at the very edge of our king size mattress while he is right in the center.He almost never compliments me.He just bulldozes his way through life doing whatever suits him. I feel kind of like an elephant, like they say if you put a heavy chain on a baby elephant then when they’re big you can tie them up with just a rope. Free consumer credit report. He has very little to no interest in sex. He can be nice to me and the kids but as soon as things don’t go his way again he bulldozes. He might have maintenance sex with me once or twice but then reverts. He thought he was being funny. I AM good at solving problems. We did one week but then the next week I waited for him but he never came to watch it. Men would check me out and I literally thought they were looking at me because I was so ugly. Like if the kids did something cute and I went to meet his eyes about it, he’d literally never be looking at me. He’s SUPER nice to acquaintances and people we don’t know but withdrawn to us. Credit agricole ile de france agences. I write reports for my volunteer work that are looked at by people in power in local government. He called me a bitch under his breath. But can be sweet in a childlike way.The good things: he can be a nice guy if he’s feeling motivated. Occasionally he will do some chore that he decides is time to do but rarely anything I ask of him. We never watched it together again.He basically treats me like a piece of furniture but his parents don’t spend a whole lot of time together either so maybe this is just a learned behavior.He can’t have a conversation with me. Grab my boob out of nowhere. Taux interet credit consommation. He says he is proud of me for the work I do. Free Dating Site No Credit Card Meet Local Singles. I realized one day that I felt that way about myself and it was like a lightbulb went off. It also isn’t all bad all the time. One time we were having sex and i made some loud enjoyment sounds and he mocked me about it. I have access to our checking account but that’s it. He absolutely left me alone in the pew with three wiggly kids so he could go help others.I’m conventionally pretty and smart. One time I asked him to find one tv show we could both watch and found that we were both separately watching Survivor. Life with him is ok a lot of the time. It isn’t so clear cut all the time. He isn’t extravagant but does make purchases without consulting me.He chose our home, my kids’ school, our church mostly because we bought the home from a family member and the school/church are the ones he went to when he was a kid. Find Your Partner Today Join Absolutely Free Online Dating Site Send Messages Send Private MessagesWhile Expressing Your Interest. If we’re at a couples party I’ll sidle up to him to be by him and he won’t look at me and take a step to the side like I must need more room. I’m not happy but it could be worse. Asked again a different day and he nonchalantly said, Oh, I watched it already. He knows I like sex so will slap my ass as I walk by sometimes. It’s like he never learned the skills of having an adult relationship. He loves me as much as he is capable of loving anyone. I’ve begged him over the years to do with me to spend time with me but it always falls apart. Asked him about it, he deflected. I can’t buy things beyond groceries without his approval but he can do whatever he wants. I literally cannot ever make a mistake without him pointing it out.He gaslights. One day I went to make a deposit and found he’d withdrawn almost all of the money without even telling me. It would especially bother me when the kids were little and I’d have needed help corralling them but he wouldn’t even look at us-yet he’s literally straining his neck to see if the ushers need help. If I call him out on it he’ll think it’s funny. He doesn’t listen to me, more like just waits for me to stop so he can have his turn to talk. If I bring up a topic that makes me irritated or is critical of him he almost always deflects and brings up something I do to criticize me about.He is very selfish. But I feel bad not accepting him if this is all he’s capable of..


. I’m left constantly thinking I have to prove myself. But what I’m realizing is that I have a bright light. He’s been more interested lately but I think that’s only because he knows sex is important to me and he senses that I’m starting to check out of the marriage. Didn’t hug me, didn’t ask me in person, nothing. He enjoys watching their sports games.Idk. He said he needed it to pay insurance. Valentine’s Day he texted me Happy Valentine’s Day. Sex chat no credit card. His mother is a cold and critical person.He doesn’t do much at home. Years of this started to erode my self worth until I got to where I didn’t think I was smart at all. I do a lot of volunteer work and people seek out my opinions on things. We agreed to record it and watch it together. He realized that was pretty awful so then tried to put his leg by mine but he’d rejected me twice by then so I shook my head no. He is very sensitive to any criticism at all and will lash out or stomp off if criticized.He is not communicative at all. If we have a conversation he’s only excited to talk about what he wants to talk about. He’s like talking to a brick wall.We have had a dead bedroom for most of our marriage. If I try to be intimate in a way he didn’t expect he lashes out. But there were years when I thought I was hideous. At church I might be sitting right next to him and he won’t notice me. He just goes about his business however he wants. Share MorePictures, Mobile Numbers etc. A light so bright that it has managed to shine even while he has put me down. Pleasing his parents is VERY important to him. While his earnings are moderate now; he has the potential for financial growth in a few years. That’s how I feel.He doesn’t notice me. Simulation gratuite credit immobilier. I have no idea how many credit cards we have or what balance is on them. And he rolled over and went to sleep while I laid there embarrassed.He is very critical of me and the kids. For example, I tried to put my leg against him under the table at a restaurant a few months ago. You can see it plain as day in his whole demeanor.

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. We don’t chat beyond running of the household. I don’t like taking the cat to the vet so he handles that. He does help with getting kids to activities most of the time. He has no concept of his own flaws. I had a pt job for a while and was saving money for a family vacation in a separate account. I need help determining if my husband is narcissistic. He’ll ask for a sip of my water and then drink it all gone because he’s thirsty. There are ways I’d prefer things done but he always forgets every single time until now I don’t bother saying anything anymore.If I bring up our relationship to him he lashes out. Chat Instantly With OtherMembers Who are Online. Especially when he just goes to watch tv after dinner. He came to bed, saw me, and grumped, We’re not doing anything tonight.

The gaslighting makes me feel like I don’t have a voice. I thought I wasn’t good at math, wasn’t smart, because that’s what he told me. Sex chat no credit card.

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. When we were first married he’d make fun of me and say what I said or did was dumb but all in a joking manner so it didn’t feel like a true insult. I really might as well not even be here.I can’t be successful at setting up my own systems in my home because he refuses to learn or follow