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[AJR]rainbow.cpp: Improved monitor auto-detection, fixed palette problems, and cleaned up logging, and updated notes. Simulation credit 3d. Software lists have been added for the Nascom computers, along with updates to the boot ROM choices and better keyboard emulation. [hap]snowbros.cpp: Replaced yutnori ROM patch with protection simulation. [Ryan Holtz]midtunit.cpp: Converted video emulation to a device and removed static global variables. Interestingly, there are no other emulators or simulators for Squish, and it hasn’t been included in any of Nintendo’s Game & Watch collections. [Thomas Klausner]gsword.cpp: Dumped gsword MCU and replaced simulation with preliminary emulation. [ClawGrip, jordigahan,, The Dumping Union]balsente.cpp: Added a missing mainboard PAL dump, and improved documentation for Spanish Trivial Pursuit sets. MAME will also run SunOS with the SunView desktop environment on some SPARC workstations.

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. [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union] Calcul des mensualités Calculez le montant des mensualités de votre prêt professionnel correspondant à l'emprunt que vous souhaitez effectuer. [Celelibi]ssv.cpp: Emulated row scroll and plane masking effects. Our Tiger emulation now runs all released games.Acorn computer emulation improvements have been too numerous to count. Newly playable machines include Konami’s Tobe! Polystars, Evil Night and Total Vice. Rachat credit impaye. [Bavarese]scsp.cpp: Made SCSP emulation better reflect hardware implementation. Que ce soit pour un fonds de commerce, des murs commerciaux, un rachat de parts sociales, le financement d'un projet, un besoin de trésorerie ou bien l'achat d'un véhicule professionnel, notre simulateur saura vous orienter. [Grull Osgo]Fixed some collateral damage from refactoring. [ClawGrip]brkthru.cpp: Dumped PALs, added PCB layout and updated notes for darwin. We’ve also created a skeleton driver and documented the known software for the Chinese Monon Color console. [Roberto Fresca]brkthru.cpp: Fixed brkthrut PROM addressing and added notes. [shattered]hp_dio: Added DMA enable to control register of human interface card. Newly supported arcade systems include Unico’s Magic Purple, and Visco’s never-before-seen prototype Pastel Island. [Ryan Holtz]Eliminated macros from may devices and drivers, including all but one of the CPUs. [Sven Schnelle]Added support for building with clang on FreeBSD/NetBSD, and added a missing header to video/xavix.cpp. [Ryan Holtz]cave.cpp: Removed macros and made common configuration blocks into functions.

[AJR]alphatro: Corrected clock frequencies and screen timings, and separated into PAL and NTSC variants. [Ryan Holtz]Also added a DMA blitter graphics viewer that can be enabled with a preprocessor macro.midtunit.cpp, midxunit.cpp: Cleaned up code and converted logging to use. [Canil Babypet]brkthru.cpp: Re-dumped ROMs and dumped PROMs for brkthrut.

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. crowdfunding, le meilleur du crédit pro ! Trouvez le meilleur financement. Simulation credit 3d. In particular, MAME now supports a huge array of peripherals.Emulation for home systems based on the SSD XaviX, SunPlus µ'nSP and V.R.